Amazfit Elevates Smartwatch Technology with Updated AI-Powered Zepp OS 3.5

Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a global health technology provider of smart wearables, announced the update of the Zepp OS 3.5 featuring AI-powered Zepp Flow(TM) for the Amazfit Balance models. The groundbreaking advancement is the first operating system to integrate Natural-Language User Interface (LUI) driven by LLM (large language model) AI.

The LUI allows users to interact with the wearable device in natural or normal way via speech.  Zepp Flow(TM) fosters a progression towards AI usage by amalgamating AI with all aspects of Zepp OS 3.5, enabling the device to recognise and execute based on the user’s voice. The progression continues with expanded capabilities offering users an even more personalised experience, taking control of their well-being through AI utilisation. Features of the updated OS include scheduling, reply to notifications, check weather, and much more.

Ms. Chow Kar Mun, Marketing Manager-Malaysia said, “Zepp Flow(TM) will revolutionise health technology. The Natural-Language User Interface, powered by LLM AI, offers a seamless, user-friendly way to monitor and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Users simply describe their needs, and Zepp Flow(TM) will recognise and provide the most appropriate response.”

Additional updated features include:

Marathon Training: Support for half and full marathon training via the Zepp Coach(TM), with new Confidence Index and Plan Completion Rate for training insights.

HRV Recording: Sleep Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracks heartbeat variations, provides information on user’s recovery state, stress levels and post-exercise recovery. Complete records of the previous night’s HRV data is displayed for better awareness of your holistic well-being.

WhatsApp Integration: View Whatsapp image messages directly on the Amazfit Balance smartwatch when received via WhatsApp for an Android device.

Offline Maps: Enhanced navigation with intuitive road names for better running, hiking, or even finding a new place to eat easier.

New Sports Modes: Includes latest activities in the sports modes list – bouldering and indoor rock climbing.

Running Power tracking: for power performance insights during a run.

Winter Sports: Enhanced experience for snowboarding and skiing, with trail navigation and resort maps.

Malaysia will see the launch of more AI technology, in July 2024, in the form of the Zepp Aura personal wellness assistant. Zepp Aura will feature sleep and stress management, health reporting, soothing soundscapes and sleep analysis. Combined with Zepp Flow(TM), Zepp Aura will be an impressive piece of technology.

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