Philippines: Filipino Homes Strengthens Global Presence

Filipino Homes
Anthony Gerard O. Leuterio, founder and CEO of Filipino Homes

Filipino Homes, a real estate solutions firm headquartered in Cebu, the Philippines, announced the expansion of its Global Partners program to seven new countries following a successful launch in Dubai.

The program will now extend to Bangkok, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, and Europe.

Anthony Gerard O. Leuterio, founder and CEO of Filipino Homes, emphasized the program’s role in providing Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with reliable property investment information and assistance through the Filipino Homes Group of companies.

The expansion aims to protect OFWs from real estate scams prevalent in overseas transactions.

“Global Partners is essentially about creating a community that can detect scammers and confirm the legitimacy of real estate investments,” Leuterio said. The initiative also serves as the “eyes and ears” to identify illegal activities in real estate abroad.

Filipino Homes

Additionally, the Global Partners facilities will assist developers in reaching the international market and offer OFWs up-to-date information on real estate news and projects.

This network will support the resale and rental of properties owned in the Philippines through the Filipino Homes and networks.

Leuterio highlighted the importance of facilitating smooth transactions for OFWs, including connecting them with banks that offer credit access or loans.

He assured that Global Partners would operate under the proven systems of Filipino Homes and collaborate with reputable developers to ensure the legitimacy of projects promoted abroad.

“The goal is really to reach out to OFWs in each country and to help them from being victimized by scammers,” said Leuterio. He added that the visibility in countries with a significant Filipino population is critical.

Filipino Homes also plans to offer free consultations and advice to prospective buyers and will launch a regular talk show to address concerns and questions about real estate investment and property management.

These efforts are part of the company’s strategy to enhance engagement and support for Filipinos abroad, ensuring they make informed decisions and protect their investments from fraudulent schemes.

Filipino Homes is based in Cebu and operates nearly a hundred offices across the Philippines, positioning itself as a powerhouse in the real estate industry.

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