ULVAC launches Smartphone-Direct Pirani Gauge “SWU10-U”

Vacuum measurement more easily


ULVACULVAC, Inc. (Headquarters: Chigasaki, Kanagawa; President and CEO: Setsuo Iwashita; hereafter referred to as ULVAC) announces sales of Pirani Vacuum Gauge “SWU10-U,” which can be connected directly by smartphone with USB cable.

Conventional vacuum gauges require dedicated power supplies and displays. Customers wanted a more convenience in vacuum measurement, to perform as necessary, and with reduced initial cost.

ULVAC responded with Smartphone-Direct Pirani Gauge “SWU10-U” which makes vacuum measurement easier. Customers can check degree of vacuum simply by connecting a smartphone to the SWU10-U, without any dedicated power supply or display.

The mobile OS is Android compatible, and the smartphone app UL-MOBI is available for download from Google Play. Displays real-time pressure data and trends, data logging ensures customers can view data later.

(1) Direct Connection with Smartphone (or Tablet or PC)
Measure quickly, connect your smartphone (or tablet or PC) via USB cable (patent pending). No other component required.

(2) No AC power supply required
No dedicated power supply required.

(3) Lightweight and Compact
Size: Φ 46x81mm, Weight: 85g (NW16 spec): ULVAC’s smallest, lightest Pirani Vacuum Gauge

(4) Excellent Shock Resistance
Excellent shock resistance by ULVAC original structure (patent number 6595945) and body protection rubber.

(5) Wide Range Measurement
Measures pressure range from 5×10-2 to 1×10+5Pa (3.75×10-4 to 760Torr, 5×10-4 to 1,013mbar)

(6) Extensive Fittings
7 fittings available, including NW16 and R1/8.

Ultimate pressure check in vacuum pump maintenance, etc.

Sales target and sales price
Sales target 5,000 pcs first year, 30,000 pcs after three years. Sales price starts from 49,800 yen. Release date October 31, 2019.

For further technical information
Atsushi Kuwatani
Measurement Instruments Department, Components Division, ULVAC, Inc.
TEL: +81-467-89-2196

Sales in Japan
Head Office (Tokyo) TEL: +81-3-5769-5511
Osaka Branch TEL: +81-6-6397-2281

WEBSITE: https://www.ulvac.co.jp/en

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