Retarus Transactional Email now fitted with Secure Document Handling


Munich cloud service provider retarus GmbH is enhancing its API for high-volume email transmission with secure document handling, including automated encryption of data attachments and the option of attaching a template to email delivery jobs detailing the design of the email. Along with these technical advances, the service is being repositioned strategically at the same time. The cloud service, previously known as “E-Mail for Applications”, will now be renamed “Transactional Email”.

A large proportion of the billions of emails sent each day are generated by applications along the business processes that make up the customer journey. The successful delivery of these kinds of transactional messages is particularly crucial. Retarus Transactional Email has been designed specifically to enable reliable, high-volume transmission of such emails. The service also has sophisticated reputation management at its command and facilitates the logical separation of transactional, user and marketing emails with its intelligent routing. The software can easily be connected to by way of a modern REST/JSON API or, alternatively, directly via the classic SMTP transmission protocol to virtually any application. It offers extensive options for adjusting settings to optimize deliverability as well as comprehensive monitoring and reporting. On request, it is even possible to select a dedicated sender IP address for each and every sending application or subdomain, increasing protection against blacklisting and consequently raising the rate of successful delivery.

Play it safe with Secure Document Handling

As of the latest feature release in early October, Retarus Transactional Email also supports the transmission of encrypted attachments. To allow as many file types as possible to be transmitted securely, it was decided to use an encrypted zip archive as a container. The recipient is subsequently sent the password for decrypting the attachment separately. This allows the level of data protection for emails to be boosted in a simple way, without having to go to the cost and effort of interfering with the programming of the applications.

Templates assist with standardization and performance

Retarus Transactional Email customers will have the opportunity to send along a template for the design of the email – comparable with a mail merge message in word processing – as part of the REST request. As each individual message does not have to be transmitted in its structured form, the size of the mailing job is significantly lower. From the details provided in the subject line, HTML and text parts with variables as well as the recipient data for personalization, Retarus then renders the individual email messages, taking substantial workload off the sending application and its infrastructure. Templating can, moreover, ensure that legal requirements and the company’s applicable corporate design are complied with.

“Email is indispensible in business communication. Companies should, however, look to separate their employees’ messages from the transactional emails generated by their business-critical applications as far as possible,” comments Martin Hager, founder and CEO at Retarus. “Retarus’ Transactional Email service facilitates this process. In these times of GDPR and other regulations it is also good to know that we process our customers’ data under the most stringent security conditions at our own data centers, and exclusively in Europe if required.”

About Retarus

Since 1992, Retarus has been supporting companies in achieving highly efficient communication. The global information logistics provider with 14 branches on four continents always plays an important role where large amounts of data need to be transmitted securely and reliably — irrespective of which communication channels, interfaces, applications and devices are required. The services are soundly based on a Global Delivery Network which includes the company’s own data centres in Europe, the USA and the APAC region, as well as fully redundant carrier infrastructure. Half of all EURO STOXX 50 companies and about 20 percent of Dow Jones corporations rely on Retarus’ services. Longstanding customers include Adidas, Bayer, BT, DHL, DZ Bank, Honda, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Sony.

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