More Surf Pools Coming to Brazil as AWM and Real Estate Developer JHSF Ink Exclusive License

  • PerfectSwell((R) Proven Anchor in Real Estate Development

American Wave Machines, the global leader in world class surf pool destinations, today announced a multi-year exclusive national license agreement with JHSF, Brazil’s leading high- end real estate development company. The agreement grants JHSF exclusivity to the PerfectSwell® brand and technology portfolio in Brazil, partnering AWM with Brazil’s most prominent real estate development group. Springing from the success of Boa Vista Village, JHSF’s first PerfectSwell® project, and the imminent opening of São Paulo Surf Club, the agreement primes both companies for continued growth in this emerging sector.

“JHSF is constantly innovating its portfolio, aimed at clients who are motivated first and foremost by quality and excellence. Together JHSF and AWM have proven PerfectSwell and Real Estate have complete synergy in delivering a unique experience with quality and excellence. Our clients catch perfect waves and create lasting memories all in their own communities,” said JHSF CEO, Thiago Alonso de Oliveira. “PerfectSwell® is the leading brand in this space making it a great partnership and a key offering for our clients.”

“We’re stoked to extend our strategic partnership with JHSF and continue adding to the legacy of surfing excellence in Brazil. The Brazilian Storm is real, JHSF and their clients are champions for surfing in more ways than one,” said Bruce McFarland, CEO of AWM. “PerfectSwell® projects on the horizon in Brazil are nothing short of world class and we will continue delivering our highest tier specification at each new location with JHSF creating world class surf experiences.”

About American Wave Machines
American Wave Machines, the inventor and developer of PerfectSwell® Surf Technology. AWM’s technology powers world class surf facilities and destinations backed by proven financials, extensive data capture, and stoked surfers. PerfectSwell® is the only sequence based, pneumatic surf technology on the market. Protected by over 50 patents worldwide, PerfectSwell® Split Peaks, Peeling Waves, Air Sections, and Wedge Barrels are all covered by AWM’s robust patent portfolio.

About JHSF
JHSF is a Brazil-based holding company and leader in the high-income real estate industry in Brazil, engaged in real estate development, shopping mall and fashion retail and hospitality and gastronomy. Founded in 1972, the company’s main area of operation and investment is in the high-income segment, with a focus on recurring income activities. The company, which has been publicly traded since 2007 and has its shares listed on B3’s Novo Mercado, operates in both the Brazilian market and other countries, such as the United States and Uruguay. It was the first company in the Brazilian real estate sector to prioritize recurring income assets, including the operation of shopping centers, an airport, and hotels, in addition to real estate projects. For more information visit

Jenna Timinsky

SOURCE: American Wave Machines, Inc.

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