Erez Capital Makes Investment in Curio Converting Nuclear Waste into Sustainable Energy

Erez Capital, a rising star in the venture capital arena with a firm focus on disruptive technologies, is thrilled to announce a strategic investment of $100,000 in Curio, an avant-garde deeptech startup. Curio stands at the vanguard of nuclear technology innovation, pioneering the develop and commercialization cutting-edge technologies that are aimed at converting nuclear waste into safe and sustainable energy sources.

“Throughout Erez Capital’s journey, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with numerous startups. Among them, Curio shines as a company positioned to reshape the renewable technology landscape. Beyond mere concepts, Curio boasts an established patented process with a clear path to commercialization, led by a dedicated workforce, a distinguished board of experts, and visionary leadership. Together, they’re propelling the company toward unparalleled heights within this industry,” shared Michael Benezra, the Managing Director and Founder of Erez Capital.

Curio’s breakthrough hinges on its patented nuclear waste recycling technology NuCycle, which effectively addresses the longstanding challenges of the light-water reactor fuel cycle. The company has secured substantial investments, including vital support from the Department of Energy’s ARPAe program, as well as continued investments from Synergos Holdings ( – a distinguished deeptech accelerator based in New York, led by visionary founders Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz and Yehudah Moskowitz.

Under the adept leadership of President and CEO Ed McGinnis, a former Executive Director of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) and Acting Secretary for Nuclear Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Curio is ushering in a new era of nuclear recycling and energy transformation.

About Erez Capital:

Erez Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm in Boston, investing in seed-stage startup companies at the forefront of digital transformation. For more information, visit

About Curio

Curio is a leading deeptech startup dedicated to revolutionizing the energy landscape through its groundbreaking nuclear waste recycling technology NuCycle. By converting nuclear waste into secure and renewable energy resources, Curio is determined to shape a cleaner and more sustainable future. Guided by the expertise of President and CEO Ed McGinnis, a distinguished luminary in the field of nuclear energy, Curio is poised to redefine how we approach energy generation and waste management. For more information, visit

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