WARC Digital Commerce powered by Ascential is launched to help brand marketers uncover the secrets of how to win in ecommerce


  • Inaugural WARC dComm IndexTM report on Amazon is released – a proprietary data-led report to help marketers overcome the challenges and find opportunities to achieve success on Amazon

WARC, the global authority on marketing effectiveness, has today launched WARC Digital Commerce (www.warc.com/about-digital-commerce), a unique one-stop destination bringing together analysis, best practices and insights for brand marketers and ecommerce leaders to build digital platform marketing strategies and plan for success.

Amin Mrini, VP WARC Digital Commerce, said: “WARC Digital Commerce is founded on the belief that brand marketing and ecommerce are converging – yet the two disciplines speak different languages and have different metrics for success.

“With this launch we will provide a clear understanding of how to optimise presence, media investment and use creativity to magnify influence on the major digital platforms and drive sales.”

Patrick Miller, Co-President, Ascential Digital Commerce, & Co-founder, Flywheel Digital, added: “As the worlds of marketing, sales, supply chain, and digital commerce come together, it’s paramount that marketers have a comprehensive understanding of how their brands are showing up and performing on the major retailers.

“The launch of WARC’s Digital Commerce platform is a gamechanger for brand marketers wanting to understand theirs and their competitors’ latest performance data and gain insights and knowledge that will help grow their brand.”

Combining the marketing expertise of WARC with the ecommerce platform knowledge of Ascential, WARC Digital Commerce will include:

  • In-depth, evidence-based reports on major digital commerce platforms including Amazon, Walmart, Instacart (with Target and Kroger launching soon).
  • Proprietary data and deep dives into nine top categories and their subcategories: Non-Alcoholic drinks, Baby Products, Health, Toys/Games, Food, Beauty & Personal Care, Household Supplies, Pet Supplies, Consumer Electronics.
  • Expert commentary on the challenges and opportunities that exist on the platform and what it takes to win.
  • Extensive benchmarks and data driven analysis to uncover what is truly best in class in the most competitive categories and subcategories.
  • All reports will be refreshed quarterly.

Platform Primers

  •  Extensively detailed profiles of the retail media offerings of Amazon and Instacart (with Walmart coming soon).
  • Developed in conjunction with Colin Lewis, an authority on retail media networks and respected advisor to numerous top brands and retailers on the topic of Retail Media Networks.

Case Studies & How to Win Articles

  • An assortment of continuously refreshed articles providing a detailed look at the strategies and tactics successful brands are using to grow their brands online and quickly outpace their competitors.

Data Points

  • Track retail media benchmarks and stay ahead of the market with snackable insights on ad spend, shopper journeys and industry growth.

The WARC Digital Commerce IndexTM report on Amazon.com Q1-2022

Following the release of WARC’s first Digital Commerce report, ‘How to win on Instacart’ (content.ascential.com/warc-dc-instacart-register.html), a new study is published today on how brands can win on Amazon.

The first WARC Digital Commerce Index report on Amazon (Q1 2022) provides marketers with a closer look at how Amazon is evolving its business as well as the challenges and opportunities it offers, along with some key takeaways to help marketers turn data and KPIs into actionable insights.

Gregory Grudzinski, Head of Content, WARC Digital Commerce, and author of the report, says: “Amazon has recently broadened its focus and leaned into the upper marketing funnel — thereby creating a powerful opportunity for brand marketers to use Amazon for brand building as well as for sales.”

Topics covered in WARC’s Amazon dComm Index include:

Rising CPCs – The average cost per click on Amazon’s core ad product – sponsored product ads – increased 29% year-on-year in March 2022, according to digital advertising optimization provider, Perpetua.

Paid Search Competitive Intensity – In Paid Search, a relatively small number of brands dominate paid search on Amazon with a long tail of brands struggling for visibility. By comparison, on Instacart there is a much smaller gap between the winners and losers — which translates to an opportunity for brand marketers.

The Winner’s Circle – dComm Winners by category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Nespresso; Baby Products: Pampers; Health: Pure Encapsulations; Toys & Games: Barbie; Food: Kind; Beauty & Personal Care: Maybelline; Household Supplies: Duracell; Pet Supplies: Blue Buffalo; Consumer Electronics: JBL/Harman.

At the core of this Amazon Q1 2022 and subsequent deep-dive ecommerce reports, is the WARC dComm IndexTM, a proprietary data-led benchmark which takes into account product selection, organic search, price, paid search and advertising content. It allows brands to measure themselves against category competitors and across major digital commerce platforms, and will be the definitive guide for brands wanting to succeed in the ecommerce era.

Download (content.ascential.com/lp/897-MBC-207/warc-dc-uncover-the-secrets.html) a complimentary sample of the first WARC Digital Commerce report on Amazon. The full report is available only to subscribers of WARC Digital Commerce.

WARC Digital Commerce, available by subscription, is part of WARC’s suite of products which include WARC Strategy (www.warc.com/about-strategy), WARC Creative (www.warc.com/about-creative) and WARC Media (www.warc.com/about-media). More information at www.warc.com/about-digital-commerce.

About WARC — The global authority on marketing effectiveness
For over 30 years WARC has been powering the marketing segment by providing rigorous and unbiased evidence, expertise and guidance to make marketers more effective. WARC services include 94,000+ case studies, best practice guides, research papers, special reports, advertising trend data, webinars, awards, events and advisory services. WARC operates out of London, New York, Singapore and Shanghai, servicing a community of over 75,000 marketers in more than 1,200 companies in 100+ markets and collaborates with 50+ industry partners.

About Ascential
WARC is an Ascential company. Ascential delivers specialist information, analytics and ecommerce optimisation platforms to the world’s leading consumer brands and their ecosystems. Our world-class businesses improve performance and solve problems for our customers by delivering immediately actionable information combined with visionary longer-term thinking across Digital Commerce, Product Design and Marketing. We also serve customers across Retail & Financial Services. With more than 3,000 employees across five continents, we combine local expertise with a global footprint for clients in over 120 countries. Ascential is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

About WARC dComm IndexTM methodology
The WARC dComm IndexTM is a brand-level aggregate of a series of performance measures – ingested daily – across selection/availability, organic search, paid search, price and content. Built from SKU-level search results and product detail information, the Index reflects a Brand’s ability to optimise for a given platform, in the context of its category/peer group. Each brand in our sample is given a total ‘Index Score’, determining its position in our category league table.


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