Titano Launches DeFi’s First Automatic Fixed APY

Titano, a DeFi 2.0 protocol developer, is launching a revolutionary type of staking token with amazing fixed APY.

Decentralized finance or DeFi is causing a revolution in the finance industry. Crypto holders can lock or stake their tokens on a DeFi website and receive interest rates that most thought impossible. The tool that DeFi companies use to create these high returns are financial algo-rithms and token staking strategies called protocols.

Defi 1.0 introduced different versions of these protocols that now attract billions in capital, and have built many of crypto’s top performers. DeFi 2.0 protocols promise token holders greater levels of simplicity and safety, and the best fixed returns from staking.

The developers of Titano have introduced the Titano Autostaking Protocol (TAP), a DeFi 2.0 protocol that offers perhaps the industry’s best set of benefits for stakers.

Titano Autostaking Protocol (TAP) – Safe, Fast, Highest Fixed APY
TAP provides token holders simplicity, security, and a consistently high yield return from their staking. It is used in the Titano token, providing it with these industry first benefits:

Easy and Safe Staking – The Titano token always stays in your wallet, and you automatically receive rewards. No more complicated staking processes on someone else’s website.

Automatic Rebasing Rewards – You never have to worry about re-staking your tokens. Re-wards are rebasing meaning they compound automatically, guaranteeing you never miss a payment.

Highest Fixed APY – The Titano auto-staking protocol pays out 102,483.58% annually, which is a consistent compounding interest rate that tops the DeFi industry.

Fastest Rebase Rewards – The Titano auto-staking protocol pays every thirty minutes or 48 times every day, making it the fastest auto-compounding protocol in crypto.

How Titano Delivers its Industry Best Fixed 102,483.58% APY
The Titano Autostaking Protocol uses a complex set of elements to deliver its industry lead-ing APY. They include the Titano treasury, the trading volume fees, and the Risk-Free Value (RFV). They all work in harmony to provide the high and fixed APY.

  • Rebase rewards are backed with reserves from the RFV and a portion of the Treasury.
  • 3% of every purchase and 8% of every sell is channeled to the treasury, increasing the balance backing outstanding TITANO tokens and furnishing a great marketing budget.
  • 5% of every purchase and sell automatically go to the BNB/TITANO liquidity pool on PancakeSwap.
  • 5% of TITANO’s trading volume is redirected to the protocol’s Risk-Free Value (RFV). The function of the RFV is to back the TITANO rebase rewards.
  • The project’s support system is designed in such a way that RFV allows the purchase and burning of TITANO tokens from the secondary market when the pair supply is 2.5% of the total supply.

This combination of factors allows an automatic rebase reward to be distributed every 30 minutes and ensures a yield of .003958% per rebase or 1.8999% daily for TITANO token hold-ers.

The Titano Team says: “We looked at other Defi 2.0 protocols like OlympusDAO which offers stakers a high APY, but it can drop by 90% over time. We also believe staking should be sim-ple and automatic. When you purchase $TITANO, your tokens are automatically staked in your wallet, rebase rewards are fixed, and you are rewarded every 30 minutes instead of every 8 hours like with OlympusDAO and all of its forks.”

Titano has Reached Several Milestones
There are over 4.5k TITANO holders and more than 38k transfers, according to BSC Scan.

Solidity Finance audited the protocol’s core smart contracts on November 10, 2021. No criti-cal flaws or external threats were found. Titano is currently under audit with CertiK, the most trusted crypto auditing company.

Titano’s first fourth weekly token burns has destroyed over $3.4M of TITANO.

Titano plans to release its mobile app that will support the direct purchase of TITANO using FIAT currencies. They are releasing Titano P.L.A.Y., a TAP based project that gives $TITANO holders even more rewards and an extra use-case. They are also working on NFT and Metaverse projects for 2022 that aim to transform and grow each of those industries with new utilities.

About Titano
Titano is a DeFi development company that creates next-generation products and services. Their Titano Autostaking Protocol (TAP) is the foundation for a series of DeFi 2.0 projects starting with the $TITANO token that is automatic staking and compounding in your wallet, and offers an industry best fixed 102,483.58% APY. Titano develops projects, products, and protocols that bring industry leading benefits to holders of its utility token $Titano.

Socials Link:
Discord: https://discord.gg/zzJuZAsXX2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TitanoFinance
Telegram chat group: https://t.me/titano_finance
Instagram: https://instagram.com/titano.finance?utm_medium=copy_link
Medium: https://titano.medium.com/

Media contacts:
Julius at Titano
Email: info@titano.finance
Website: https://titano.finance

SOURCE: Titano

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