Syinix to Adopt Japanese Industrial Style as New Design Guideline


The prominent household appliance brand Syinix has introduced the piloting notion behind the upcoming new lines of products, including the newest series of Smart TVs.

The inspiration behind the new products will come from the modern Japanese Industrial design. The refined designs will underline the quality of craftsmanship in manufacturing, as well as create a naturally appealing simplicity in appearance.

When revealing the first glimpses of what design features to look forward to, Justin Liu, Sales Director of Home Electronics Division at Transsion, said, “I wanted the Syinix brand to become a symbol of quality and refined taste.”

The message that the brand hopes to deliver is that their products are made with the upmost attention and intended to last. By incorporating appreciation of creations from initial design stage, the esteem towards products can be carried all the way up to the customers, who will find it easy to value their purchased items.

New products will be made comprehensively robust. The strong shape of the fa├žade will carry over natural geometric forms. This honed structure will underline the quality inherent to Syinix products.

The distinct and clearly carvings will inform customers that there was no cutting corners in pursuit of the epitome.

Surface finish will be pleasant not only for the eyes, but also for the hand. The material textures of components both in the front and the back are meant to give a smooth impression during interaction. Gliding across lines between components will become comfortable and graceful to the touch. –