With phenomenal progress in AI technology, the consequent cycle among algorithms, computer power and data has an increasing impact on industrial upgrade and economic changes, and will provide “new energy” for the development of industry and economic development in the future for decades.

– Holographic AI unmanned driving has a huge market –

It is generally believed in the industry that driverless cars will gradually spread around the world from 2020 to 2030. According to the report “Survey and Investment & Financing Strategy of China Driverless Vehicle Industry Market Prospects and Investment in 2018-2023” issued by China Business Industry Institute, the scale of global driverless car in 2016 reached about 4 billion U.S. dollars, which still has a large market development space. By 2021, the global driverless car market is expected to reach 7.03 billion U.S. dollars; by 2035, the sales of global driverless cars will reach 21 million sets. At present, domestic driverless cars are still in their infancy, and they have been deployed in many applicable fields in the future blueprint constructed. China is expected to become the largest unmanned driving market.

Previously, it was mentioned in the “Roadmap for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles” issued by the China Automotive Engineering Society that by 2020, the scale of the automobile industry will reach 30 million vehicles, and the market share of driving assistant / partially automatic driving cars will reach 50%; highly or fully automatic cars are strived to appear on the market between 2021 and 2025; in 2026-2030, every car should use an unmanned or assisted driving system, and the wave for driverless car is coming.

– AI scenario application is closer to the market –

We are at the important turning point of changing human life by artificial human (AI). A technological revolution led by AI is about to start, and there is no better time to get involved in the AI field. In the vertical field of this industry, the related companies such as WIMI Hologram AR and SenseTime have emerged conspicuously. Doctor Michael from WIMI Hologram AR said that in the era of rapid development of artificial intelligence, the distributed cloud service of WIMI Hologram AR can provide diversified and more effective services for the entire artificial intelligence industry, especially in the application scenarios of the automotive and IoT industry. Unmanned driving technology requires a great deal of AI computing power. WIMI Hologram AR replies on AI technology to provide robust, reliable and low-cost computing power, which can reduce the research and development costs of enterprises engaged in unmanned driving, and has a broad application prospect in the field of unmanned driving. The holographic cloud platform of WIMI Hologram AR can provide a complete solution, and there are mature ecological platforms to support the required AI computing power and AI algorithm model trading.

There has been a relatively big explosion in the market of artificial intelligence in China. The important reason here is that the maturing of technology can really help some scenarios to solve problems and enhance value. In fact, the word “artificial intelligence” or “robot intelligence” is a bit incredible. The artificial intelligence can be simply understood as driving automation. Originally, some scenarios and works require people to complete, but now some artificial intelligence driving automation can help this scenario to greatly enhance the labor efficiency and productivity. This reflects that the artificial intelligence technology creates new commercial values in different scenarios. Once the business value is recognized by everyone, there will be many opportinities.

SenseTime is an AI enterprise dedicated to computer vision and deep learning. In particular, it announced the completion of B round financing of 410 million U.S. dollars in July 2018, setting a record for single-round financing in the artificial intelligence field. At the same time, it also become the world’s highest-funded artificial intelligence company.

Automatic driving is a great opportunity for the automotive and technology industries in the future. This market is becoming more and more crowded. Google, Baidu, Tesla, Uber, BMW, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Apple, Didi and other giants from the automotive and technology industries are all laying out. In addition, other players from different links, such as chip companies, cloud computing platforms, sensor companies, hardware solutions companies, machine vision companies, etc. However, the competition pattern of the automatic driving market has not yet formed currently.

The real application scenario is the strategic layout of the current enterprises. Taking WIMI Hologram AR and SenseTime for example, AI visual technology has been applied to multiple scenarios. WIMI Hologram AR’s naked eye holographic technology has concentrated its scenarios of commercial application on five major fields of home entertainment, optical field theatre, performing system, commercial distribution system and advertising display system, resulting in satisfying achievements. SenseTime has reached strategic cooperation with technology giants such as Huawei and MIUI. It scenario application covers security, finance, smart phone, robots and many other fields. It can be seen that the technology is driving the way forward. AI technology is infiltrating into various scenarios such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation, providing great convenience to our lives.

As an industry leader, WIMI Hologram AR has always paid close attention to industrial development and industry research, and is committed to the investment in the holographic AR industry, helping the rapid development of holographic AR industry and enterprises. Now it has invested more than 17 upstream and downstream high-quality enterprises of the industrial chain. The field involved the design of holographic AR interactive components, development of holographic AR optical components, R&D of holographic AR images, development of holographic AR hardware and software, expansion of holographic AR application, holographic AR platform construction and other related industries and enterprises.

WIMI Hologram AR will continue to increase the scale of industrial investment and industry research. It will set up a professional industrial investment fund to support the enterprise and team with great development potential and high growth to help and guide the rapid development of the industry.

China also has the world’s largest Internet market, providing AI with a large amount of sample data and application scenarios to better train algorithms. Unlike American technology companies that only focus on the research and development of underlying AI technology, Chinese AI companies are more down to earth. They pay great attention to applying the AI technology to different application scenarios of life and production while insisting on the exploration of original technologies, which in turn promotes the evolution of technologies through the scenarios. WIMI Hologram AR and SenseTime better interpret this approach.

We can fully foresee that companies that are able to solve these social problems with good Ai technology are bound to most promising companies, because they are trying to bring use a simpler and better world. Such a world will make us feel happier and full of hope.

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