Verofax is among the Top UAE Future100 to Positively Impact the Nation’s Future Economy!

Verofax, a leading compliance and commerce SaaS solution provider, has earned distinction as one of the top Future100 pioneering startups, selected by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of State for Government Development and the Future. This recognition underscores Verofax’s pivotal role in contributing positively to the UAE’s economy and enhancing its preparedness for the future.

The prestigious unveiling of the Future100 took place at the Award Ceremony hosted at the Museum of the Future, symbolizing a momentous occasion in recognizing and celebrating innovation. Future 100 has recognized Verofax for its innovative technology in decarbonizing industries and boosting the competitiveness of the country’s Industrial sectors.

H.E. Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, UAE Minister of Economy, said “We congratulate the 100 companies that successfully made it to the final stage of the initiative’s first edition to become the best 100 companies of the future, possessing pioneering capabilities for growth and healthy competition,” Al Marri added “ We believe this is a turning point that will enable these companies to achieve more sustainable commercial success and access to regional and global markets.”

H.E. Ohood bint Khalfan Al RoumiUAE Minister of State for Government Development and the Future, said: “Future100 has uncovered numerous startups and scaleups venturing into new sectors, receiving over a thousand applications from various targeted sectors over three months.”

Over 45 evaluators and experts across different sectors evaluated the applications, conducting interviews with company officials using a predefined set of criteria. These criteria encompassed the capacity for innovative business models leveraging new technologies, the potential of the target market, the ability to engage key customers through a well-defined business plan supported by clear financial data, the feasibility of the business with a strategy for securing future financing, and consideration of the impact of environmental and social governance in both the UAE and global contexts.

Verofax’s automates compliance, traceability and verification
As more countries are looking to decarbonize their economy, the EU and US have recently introduced regulations to curb imports of high-emission commodities such as steel, Aluminum, cement, fertilizers, chemicals and energy. The EU Carbon Border Tax regulation came into effect on August 17 and reporting became mandatory for exporters on October 1st. Existing ERP systems are not built to aggregate data across the supply chain and prevent double counting. Thus compliance with operational standards for measuring and reporting in accordance with ISO14064 standards becomes an unsurmountable challenge for exporters needing to have their multi-tier supply chain comply with such operating procedures, which increases cost significantly. Not complying is also not an option with up to 35% of revenue in tariffs levied at European Union border customs. The problem necessitates commodity passporting and emissions tracking without the risk of double counting.

Wassim Merheby, CEO of Verofax, said, “Existing ERP systems are siloed by design, which hinders the capability of having immutable data and certifications verified on the interoperable system for all stakeholders from material collectors to recyclers, exporters, customs and clients. Verofax offers an award-winning Digital Passporting and traceability solution for multi-tier supply chain verification, enabling seamless compliance and verification of Carbon emissions. The Gulf region trails behind India and other markets that recycle up to 80% of targeted commodities. Recycling can reduce emissions by up to 95%, thus markets with lower recycling thresholds are at risk of being priced out of the EU market. The UAE for example, exports $1.5B to the EU mainly Aluminum and recycles under 10% to date. With Verofax emission verification and commodity passporting, exporters have a great opportunity to trail a path towards export growth.”

Verofax Digital passporting & Traceability solution for compliance verification automation ensures the validation of commodities emissions, and commodity provenance, prevents recycling double counting, across a tiered supply chain. By calculating and verifying low carbon emissions from mining or waste material collection, Recycling, repurposing and transportation, exporters will lower their costs and increase market access to EU & US in compliance with regulations.

About Future100
Future100 is a collaborative initiative between the Ministry of Economy and the GovernmentDevelopment and the Future Office, united in their mission to foster the growth of 100 pioneering startups pivotal to shaping the trajectory of the UAE’s future economy. This innovative initiative focuses on sectors of strategic importance, including space exploration, renewable energy, and emerging technology, with the overarching goal of establishing novel benchmarks for the country’s economic landscape. Beyond its immediate objectives, Future100 aspires to propel the UAE’s standing in global competitiveness, entrepreneurship, and investment rankings, thereby solidifying the nation’s position as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and economic dynamism.

About Verofax
Verofax is a compliance and commerce SaaS solution provider, validated by Microsoft and holding PCT patents on Digital passporting, computer vision and AI analytics that enable intelligent supply chain and operations. Fortune100 enterprises across 50 markets have adopted Verofax solutions for securing their supply chain and connecting directly to customers. Verofax is committed to achieving Net Zero by 2025 and promotes global offset and community relief projects across the globe. Visit

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Wassim Merheby, CEO, Verofax

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