6 Best Citibank Investment Products You Should Invest In

Saving up may be the first step to financial freedom, but that is certainly not the be-all and end-all. With rising inflation, the value of your savings could be diminished over time, resulting in a loss in purchasing power. Hence, investing is essential to hedge against inflation and help to achieve your financial goals through asset appreciation and compounding.

Here are some investment options offered by Citibank Singapore to kickstart your investment journey.

Citibank Investment Products You Should Invest In
1. Unit Trusts
A Unit Trust is a type of mutual fund that pools and invests capital from investors in a portfolio of assets according to the fund’s strategy. With Citi Unit Trusts, you can begin diversifying your portfolio with a minimum investment amount as low as S$100 a month, making it ideal for beginner investors. Since Citi Unit Trusts are handled by a professional fund manager, you can take advantage of investment opportunities with peace of mind. You also have the flexibility to track and manage your Unit Trusts on Citibank Online and Mobile.

2. Citibank Brokerage (Equity Trading)
If you prefer a hands-on investment approach, consider applying for a Citibank Brokerage account. With a Citibank Brokerage account , you can leverage investment opportunities in the U.S., Singapore and Hong Kong markets at low commission rates. Additionally, you will get access to the Thomson Reuters (TR) Stock Analytics tool, which allows you to make informed investment decisions with stock market insights and analysis.

3. Citibank Premium Account
The Citibank Premium Account is a dual currency investment account that allows the bank to repay your principal and earned interest in either the base currency or the alternate currency. If do not have a preference for receiving your money in either currency, hold the perspective that your two chosen currencies have a relatively stable exchange rate, or wish to hold on to a specific currency that appears to be weakening, the Citibank Premium Account may be a suitable investment option.

4. Fixed Income Securities
Fixed Income Securities are debt instruments that pay investors fixed interest. Through Citibank, you can diversify your portfolio and access alternative asset classes by investing in a selection of Bonds and Structured Notes.

5. Foreign Exchange (FX)
The Citibank Online Foreign Exchange (eFX) platform allows investors to instantly execute limit orders when the exchange rate aligns with the desired rate and access real-time foreign exchange rates. If you have international investment portfolios and wish to prevent currency exchange losses, consider depositing your funds into a foreign currency account. Citi eFX’s analytical and rate alert tools will assist you in making informed currency trading decisions.

6. Regular Savings Plan (RSP)
The Citibank Regular Savings Plan allows investors to leverage investment opportunities by contributing a fixed monthly amount from as little as S$100. Built upon the Dollar Cost Averaging approach, the Regular Savings Plan allows investors to purchase more units when prices are low and less when prices are high. As such, investors can benefit from market fluctuations in the long run without having to time the market.

Before investing in any investment product, it is essential to do your due diligence and understand the associated risks. Consider seeking the assistance of a professional wealth advisor to create a diversified investment portfolio aligned with your long-term financial objectives.

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