Masteron Introduces Astra @ Aurora Residence in Puchong, A Luxurious Lakeside Living Experience

  • Blending Idyllic Lakeside Charm with Contemporary Comforts, Astra @ Aurora Residence Ushers in a New Standard for Upscale Residential Developments

Masteron, celebrated for its rich heritage since 1981 and renowned for projects like Verando Residence @ PJ South Sentral and the ‘Koi’ series in Puchong, proudly unveils its latest innovative venture — Astra @ Aurora Residence, Puchong. This groundbreaking project, tailored for today’s discerning first-time homebuyers, inaugurates a new chapter in sustainable, strategic lakeside living. Located in a mature suburban neighbourhood, Astra @ Aurora Residence skilfully combines the tranquillity of lakeside serenity with urban convenience, offering spacious, high-specification homes that elevate the concept of affordable luxury.

Mr. Choy Kin Mann, Director of Masteron

As a 155-acre integrated township and one of the final master developments in Puchong, Astra @ Aurora Residence emphasises a distinctive lakeside living experience. Its strategic location near Puchong Prima LRT guarantees outstanding connectivity to key city locations. Incorporating the S.P.A.C.E concept — Sustainability, Park, Attraction, Commercial, and Education — the development transcends traditional living, offering a lifestyle rich in wellness and environmental harmony. In partnership with Federal International Holdings Berhad, this project melds luxury with functionality, showcasing nature-inspired design elements and first-class amenities. Masteron’s signature in crafting transformative living experiences is evident throughout Astra @ Aurora Residence, manifesting in both its meticulous design and comprehensive amenities, all attuned to the aspirations of contemporary families and individuals.

The initial half of 2023 presented a mixed landscape of challenges and opportunities, reflective of the marketplace’s inherent cyclical nature, which Masteron navigates with its forward-thinking philosophy. Despite initial buyer hesitations amidst rising prices and a subdued economic climate, the latter part of the year and the prospect for 2024 are showing encouraging signs of recovery. This positive shift is significantly supported by Bank Negara Malaysia’s decision to maintain the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) at 3%, a strategic move aligned with current inflation and growth prospects. This stability is advantageous news for homebuyers, signifying an optimal time for real estate investments, particularly in projects like Astra @ Aurora Residence. It marks a promising environment for property acquisition into 2024, harmonising with Masteron’s mission of creating liveable and sustainable futures.

Mr. Choy Kin Mann, Director of Masteron, offers his perspective: “As we embark on this journey with Astra @ Aurora Residence, we’re not merely offering homes; we’re inviting you to be a part of a living, breathing community. A community that stands as a beacon of sustainable, thoughtful development, a community that promises not just connectivity and balance, but a thriving, spirited way of life. Astra @ Aurora Residence breaks new ground, providing expansive, well-appointed homes at accessible prices. Set in the tranquil Lakeside City, a well-established suburban neighbourhood, our project offers a blend of community spirit and natural beauty, standing out from the typical industrial-area developments. This strategic location choice, combined with our dedication to quality living, underscores Masteron’s commitment to enhancing lives and fostering sustainable communities.”

More than just a serviced apartment, Astra @ Aurora Residence is a carefully planned community within the expansive 155-acre Lake Side City. Upon completion, it is set to accommodate around 6,000 households, or approximately 20,000 residents. As an innovative and insightful community builder, Masteron ensures the development’s prime location near Puchong Prima LRT offers unmatched connectivity to major LRT and BRT lines. This approach to development not only enhances the residents’ quality of life but also offers easy access to highways, shopping centres, top-tier educational institutions, medical facilities, and essential government services.

At the core of Astra @ Aurora Residence is Masteron’s unwavering dedication to first-time homebuyers. Infused with the S.P.A.C.E concept, the development is a testament to Masteron’s brand pillars of providing a future-focused and health-centric living environment. It is not just a response to the current market demand for affordable, quality housing but a redefinition of it, offering a holistic living experience that caters to the evolving needs and desires of modern families and individuals.

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