Singapore-Based Global Schools Group Announces Strategic Partnership With Emirates American School, Sharjah

The collaboration promises to provide global learning opportunities and future ready skills for students

Singapore-headquartered Global Schools Group (GSG), an initiative of Global Schools Foundation (GSF), has entered into a strategic partnership with Emirates American School (EAS), Sharjah; bringing together two stalwarts in education who have the common vision of providing locally and globally advanced 21st-century education to students.

Emirates American

GSG has witnessed remarkable growth in the UAE with 4 schools spanning across Abu Dhabi, Dubai and now Sharjah, offering a diverse educational landscape that aligns with the overarching vision of the country. In 2022, under the patronage of the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC), GSG opened its One World International School campus in Riyadh, where it offers a well-designed American/ IB curriculum.

EAS is a leading American K12 school which follows the Common Core State Standards, accredited by COGNIA (AdvancED) – a valuable mark of distinction which exemplifies excellence in education and outstanding service to their learners. Spread across 4,25,000 sq ft., EAS has student strength of close to 2000 with 125 teaching staff members.

“This partnership is a winning combination for students, parents and all stakeholders as it promises quality education to young people to prepare them for challenges of the 21st century,” said Mr Atul Temurnikar, GSG Chairman and Co-founder.

Students of GSG have the flexibility to choose a course of their choice, and admission to any of its schools. Its Knowledge Exchange Programmes, involving peer-to-peer interactions with sister schools, are most coveted by parents and students for its global reach.

Each year over 150 global universities engage with GSG students who are guided by specialised in-house career counsellors. GSG students have been accepted by Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale, other leading universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley.

The outgoing owner of Emirates American School, Shaikh Sultan Majid Hamad ALQasemi, stated that their main objective was to provide the best possible learning environment and opportunities for the students. “This dream was made possible through their partnership with Global Schools Group in Singapore, which has expanded the horizons for the students and given them the chance to spread their wings,” he said. “Global Schools’ presence in countries such as Singapore, Japan and Korea offers ample opportunities for cross-country collaborations that go beyond academics and help shape students as global citizens.”

About GSG
Global Schools Group has a network of 64 campuses across 11 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, United Kingdom and others, where 45,000 students from 70 nationalities study. GSG schools rank high in IB results, with over 100 students scoring World Topper and Near Perfect Scores in IB Diploma programme. Over 900 students have achieved A* and A in at least 7 or more subjects in the Cambridge IGCSE exams. GSG’s parent body GSF has been recognised by World Book of Records as the most awarded education foundation in the world.

Contact Information
Rupali Karekar
Divisional Manager

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