BANTgo and Verofax Team Up to Revolutionize E-waste Collection Through Tokenized Rewards

In an ambitious stride towards environmental sustainability, BANTgo and Verofax have announced a pioneering collaboration to enhance e-waste collection. The groundbreaking partnership seeks to galvanize the masses into responsible recycling by rewarding their endeavors with tokenized incentives.

Verofax, was awarded the GITEX Supernova Web3 and Blockchain award, introduces its innovative technology to this eco-initiative. The venture encompasses the deployment of advanced smart bins explicitly designed for e-waste collection. These bins are equipped with a validation system to ensure accurate assessment of the electronic devices being recycled, determining their equivalence in terms of recoverable materials.

BANTgo, renowned for its expertise in the blockchain domain, steps in to fortify this eco-friendly initiative. Recognizing and endorsing the responsible recycling behavior of individuals, BANTgo offers digital blockchain certificates. These certificates, apart from serving as a testament to the individual’s eco-contribution, also act as a robust incentive, encouraging more to tread the path of responsible recycling.

The synthesis of Verofax’s product validation and BANTgo’s blockchain prowess creates a robust mechanism. This not only facilitates transparency in e-waste recycling but also ensures that individuals are appropriately acknowledged and rewarded for their proactive environmental actions.

The union of these two giants signals a paradigm shift in how e-waste is perceived and managed. The tangible rewards, coupled with the satisfaction of contributing to a greener planet, are set to propel e-waste recycling rates to unprecedented heights.

Siarhei Zhyltsou, CEO of BANTgo, commented on this collaboration, “The alliance between BANTgo and Verofax is not just transformative but also imperative for our times. Encouraging responsible recycling through tangible rewards sets a new standard in environmental initiatives.”

Moreover, this collaboration underscores the broader vision both companies harbor – a future where responsible recycling is an ingrained habit, not just a sporadic action. The combination of technology, transparency, and tangible rewards makes this initiative a game-changer in e-waste management.

Wassim Merheby, CEO of Verofax, shared his enthusiasm, “Pairing with BANTgo is a testament to Verofax’s commitment to leverage its technology for pressing global challenges. Together, we’re paving the way for a sustainable future, where technology and eco-responsibility converge.”

Experience the synergy of BANTgo and Verofax in action. Join the initiative, champion responsible recycling, and partake in the rewards that not only benefit you but also our planet.

About Verofax
Verofax is a blockchain-enabled Asset Digitization and Traceability solution provider with a presence across North America, Europe, Asia and MENA regions. Verofax is a native ISV partner for Microsoft and its solution is available across multiple cloud environments, making it easier for manufacturers to comply with ESG regulated market and manage sustainability certification and offer transparency and auditability to authorities, retailers, and consumers alike.

For technical matters, visit Verofax at or contact

About BANTgo
BANTgo is an innovative technology company dedicated to incentivizing sustainable recycling behaviour for consumers worldwide. Through its impact2earn platform, powered by AI and blockchain technology, BANTgo revolutionizes e-waste recycling by rewarding users with digital certificates in the form of NFTs for their recycling efforts. An AI-powered messenger chatbot guides the user to e-waste recycling points and directs them to the Rewards Platform. This unique approach not only fosters environmental responsibility but also offers tangible benefits to users.

The integration of these technologies and the business model serves both individuals and businesses, aiming to decarbonize goods production and consumption in line with the principles of “Make waste not wasted”.

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