KCG (SET: KCG) Moves Ahead with Plans for Technological Upgrades and Production Expansion, Fostering Sustainable Growth through Innovations

KCG Corporation Pcl. or KCG, a leading manufacturer, distributor, and importer of butter, cheese, and consumer products from around the world, has taken a step forward in expanding its investments after being listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). KCG showcases a clear investment plan to increase production and enhance distribution center systems, as well as modernize its storage facilities. KCG aims to develop products and innovations for creating pleasure of food taste in every meal, catering to consumers of all ages and genders, ensuring sustainable growth.

Dr. Watit Tamavimok, CEO and Managing Director of KCG Corporation Public Company Limited (KCG or the Company), reveals that the Company’s shares will be traded for the first time on the SET in the Agro & Food Industry – Food & Beverage under the symbol KCG. The Company is confident that its long-established and strong foundation will attract investors’ interest, as KCG aspires to become a leading manufacturer and importer of butter, cheese, and consumer products from around the world.

KCG has planned investments for the years 2023-2024, intending to increase the production capacity of individually wrapped processed cheese slices from the current 2,106 tons per year to 4,212 tons per year within this year. Additionally, the butter production capacity at its factory in Thepharak will be expanded from the current 18,596 tons per year to 23,261 tons per year in 2024. The Company will also invest in new machinery and upgrade the sterile rooms at its factory.

Furthermore, KCG will invest in the construction and development of the KCG Logistics Park, which will be a state-of-the-art, comprehensive distribution and storage center. KCG Logistics Park will include both frozen and ambient storage facilities, as well as modern and efficient product handling and management, according to the GMP C and GMP D standards, which are European standards. The Company also plans to incorporate automated system technology to fully develop the factories into a fully automated production system in the future. The planned upgrade is expected to be completed by 2024.

Mr. Pichet Sitti-amnuai, President of Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited, a financial advisor and lead underwriter, states that KCG is a company engaging in the manufacturing, distribution, and import of butter, cheese, and consumer products from around the world. The Company is a trendsetter that emphasizes the development of new products and innovations in both butter and cheese products that cater to the lifestyles of modern consumers. Additionally, these products serve as a healthy alternative, aligning with the current trend of health-conscious consumers, particularly in the much growing Western-style restaurants, especially bakeries and cafes. The Company also has a solid production base and investment plans to expand production capacity and implement automation technology to improve production efficiency. We believe that a strong business strategy will drive sustainable growth for KCG in the future.

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