Bluehelix Bridge Solution (BBS) Rolls Out Decentralized Cross-chain Bridge Services

Bluehelix formally released Bluehelix Bridge Solution (BBS), a decentralized MPC-based cross-chain bridge solution that supports the decentralized cross-chain access of any public chain, any heterogeneous chain, any homogeneous chain, or any ecological native asset, days ago.

As of August 31, independent cross-chain addresses exceeded 1,800, cross-chain deposits and withdrawals exceed 5,000, and cross-chain access has exceeded USD10 million. Bluehelix Bridge currently supports BTC, ETH, HECO, BSC, DOGE, Polygon and TRON, and will soon support Solana, Near, Cosmos and others.

Bluehelix Bridge is a cross-chain bridge solution that allows encrypted assets to be transferred between blockchains. It has been released for multiple public chains and projects, and seeks to establish a zero-threshold circulation connection for public chain ecological assets as well as encourage the mutual chain of all things in the public chain ecosystem.

Differing from the implementation of cross-chain by smart contracts on the market, Bluehelix Bridge addresses the problems of transparency and decentralization by adopting internationally recognized and relatively safe cross-chain methods and technologies. Bluehelix Bridge is based on MPC distributed key technology patented in the US and Europe, and realizes “completely decentralized” cross-chain bridge services.

The advantages of Bluehelix are briefly summarized below:
A. Fully open-source and extremely easy to access: Projects can directly perform cross-chain operations through the Bluehelix public chain and API without any fees. As an open-source public chain, Bluehelix can provide underlying support for various financial and commercial services through open API interfaces. Financial institutions and startups need only focus on the creation and operation of financial products and commercial applications.

B. Support for cross-chain native assets and deposit methods: Bluehelix is the only decentralized MPC-based cross-chain bridge solution that supports all public chains and their native assets, and does not limit deposit methods, including cross-chain deposits from centralized exchanges.

C. Security & technology patents: At present, many cross-chain bridges on the market use the smart contract deployment model for cross-chain, which has various flaws in security. Bluehelix has achieved complete decentralization with patented MPC distributed key technology, and any cross-chain user assets have independent cross-chain custody addresses.

Additionally, all cross-chain processes and asset transactions on Bluehelix are completely open and transparent, including addresses. Each cross-chain call process can be queried on the chain and on the explorer. In addition, Bluehelix has passed the audits of SlowMist and Peckshield. Its multi-layer cross-chain custody nodes support rapid rotation and are supported by many well-known institutions.

Any project, public chain, and wallet can be cross-chained based on Bluehelix BBS solution to achieve decentralized circulation between different ecosystems. By introducing assets on other chains into its own ecology through cross-chain, Bluehelix can help the public chain to establish an ecology and help projects to quickly deploy and circulate assets in multiple chains.

For public chains: Bluehelix supports the N*N cross-chain model, supports complete chain-to-chain data interoperability, and helps public chains to quickly and safely introduce various ecosystems in a decentralized manner. Presently, Bluehelix is compatible with current mainstream public chains, as well as all mainstream cross-chain solutions.

For projects: There are many cross-chain bridge solutions on the market, but most of the projects cannot solve the problems of high cross-chain costs and cumbersome cross-chain processes. With Bluehelix Bridge, it helps DeFi projects achieve safe and free circulation between any public chains, which can be regarded as a “cross-chain version of Curve”.

For wallets: Bluehelix helps wallet users to realize asset circulation among multiple public chains, which is fast, safe, and convenient.

Among the existing cross-chain bridges, Bluehelix BBS, with better compatibility and autonomy, is still in the release stage. Any individual or community can create a liquidity pool in HDEX (DEX built on Bluehelix). This feature will greatly enhance the activity of existing users. At the smart contract level, Bluehelix will support WASM and EVM in the future, allowing projects to deploy quickly and efficiently.
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SOURCE: Bluehelix

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