The REL Token is Listed on CoinsBit and AzBit Cryptocurrency Exchanges. We, Release Project, Will Transform the Logistics of Agriculture and Fisheries Around the World

We will improve the social networking site “RELEASE, the news site made by all”, which is already in operation, and will combine social media (SNS) and e-commerce (shopping) to Transform the distribution of agriculture and fisheries in the world. To do this, we are officially launching Release Commerce service (online food market) from September 28, 2020 only for Japan.

“RELEASE Social Commerce”, which combines social media and e-commerce, has a system built into the AWS server (Amazon Web Service) and AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning (deep learning), big data analysis. This platform is developed using advanced technologies such as information analysis.

As part of the Release Social Commerce platform, we will use our unique REL Token cryptocurrency for points, purchases, and redemption.

Check out our white paper to learn more about our revolutionary business model.
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The REL Token, which was originally issued as part of our Release project, was listed on the HotBit cryptocurrency exchange in February 2019, as well as on CoinsBit on August 8, 2020, and on AzBit on September 4, 2020. Along with the launch of the Release Commerce service, we will add value to the entire Release project and will do our best to raise the price of REL tokens.

The world’s first site that links shopping to SNS. In the e-commerce field, Especially focusing on agriculture and fisheries, we have set up a system that allows sellers to set prices on the spot for fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood and provide them promptly to general users, and through REL, I want to bring about a change in logistics.

*Release Project Official Website.
*White Paper (Business Plan).
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RELEASE is a 100-year project. We would like to expand our business globally by enhancing product categories and functions. We are trying to open a big door.

Contact: Kanai Tatsuo
Company Name: Release Co. Ltd
Phone: 02-2243-5551

SOURCE: Release Co. Ltd

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