TrialTrove Data Shows Australia is Open for Business says Avance Clinical at BIO Digital 2020

The leading Australian CRO for biotechs, Avance Clinical announced at BIO Digital today that Australia currently has 2,413 trials planned or ongoing. Importantly in Australia, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, no healthy volunteer studies have been suspended, and only 27 Phase 1 or 2 studies were temporarily put on hold for various reasons (TrialTrove, 9 June 2020).

Avance Clinical commended the Australian industry for exceptional COVID-19 management which has meant Australia leads the world in maintaining clinical trials business as usual.

Avance Clinical’s Chief Strategy Officer, Ben Edwards presented at BIO Digital 2020 today on the many benefits of running trials in Australia.

Watch the Avance Clinical BIO Digital presentation On Demand here.

Mr Edwards said: “Approximately 96% of our work is supporting small to medium-sized biotechnology companies executing Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials. Our client base currently extends across North America, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

Australia is a well-established location for international clinical trials and our management of the COVID-19 crisis has made it an even more attractive trials destination.”

Avance Clinical is a medium-sized full-service CRO known for its nimble and collaborative approach, with more than 20-years of experience in managing early phase trials.

In addition to the impressive COVID-19 management, a key factor in sponsor demand is the speed, access to high quality sites and attractive cost of running trials in Australia including:

– The Australian Government financial rebate of 43.5% on clinical trial spend
– No IND required for clinical trials and streamlined regulatory processes
– Advanced medical, research & scientific community, leading investigators & KOLs, modern medical facilities

Watch the video: How we work during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

Australia’s reputation for FDA compliant scientific and research excellence, its advanced healthcare, and the opportunity to access patients in a less clinical trial competitive environment further reinforces its advantage as a destination for clinical trials.

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About Avance Clinical

Australia’s Avance Clinical has more than 20-years of experience and is now one of Australia’s leading Contract Research Organisations. Avance Clinical facilitates quality drug development by aligning people, skills, and expertise in the pursuit of drug development for a healthier world.

Avance Clinical is committed to providing high-quality clinical research services with its highly-experienced team. The collective pool of knowledge and experience at Avance Clinical continually grows through the careful selection of experts who also demonstrate passion in their chosen field.

Avance Clinical offers high quality services in an established clinical trial ecosystem, that includes world-class Investigators and Sites able to access specialised patient groups. Other benefits include:

1. The Government R&D grant means up to 43.5% rebate on clinical trial spend
2. Telehealth pivot during COVID-19 pandemic – speed and continuity
3. Site Initiation Visit (SIV) and Study Start achieved in 5 – 6 weeks
4. No IND required for clinical trials
5. Full GMP material is not mandated for Phase I clinical trials
6. Established clinical trial environment with world-class Investigators and sites
7. Established healthy subject databases and specialised patient populations
8. Five independent Phase 1 facilities across Australia including hospital-based units for critical care
9. Major hospitals with world class infrastructures and dedicated Clinical Trial Units with a long track-record in FDA compliant research
10. Seasonal studies: Northern hemisphere Sponsors can conduct their studies year-round by taking advantage of Australia’s counter-flu and allergy seasons

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Chris Thompson

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