The global coronavirus pandemic has cast the world economy into turmoil. Undermining the capital markets, investment institutions and investors have become more cautious. The current situation is unpredictable, say investors, and risk in new investment projects has increased significantly. At the same time, they could say that a platform that insists on being responsible for investor funds and caring about the development of entrepreneurial projects is invaluable.

There is such a platform in China, the WOWO Innovation Camp. The platform was established by WOWO (Beijing) Network Technology Company Ltd in June 2019. WOWO has more than 9 years of headhunting industry experience in the real estate and Internet sectors, accumulating significant business resources. WOWO Innovation Camps bring startup entrepreneurs together, pooling resources, providing investment funds, and guiding entrepreneurship to success.

The 1st WOWO Innovation Camp

From August to December 2019, the WOWO (Beijing) Network and Fosun Group successfully hosted the first WOWO Innovation Camp. More than 1,000 young entrepreneurs attended the orientation. 25 projects were guided by the mentors; 11 projects enrolled for bootcamp and 3 projects entered the overseas roadshow Fosun ProTech Innovation Pitch competition. More than 50 well-known Chinese entrepreneurs and investment partners participated in the program, resulting successfully in 28 cooperative commercial and public welfare projects.
During the novel coronavirus outbreak in 2020, startup staff and students worked together to equip the affected areas with more than 2,400 oxygen ventilators.

The 2nd WOWO Innovation Camp

Despite the severity of the global pandemic, WOWO holds to its intention of guiding young entrepreneurs, and the 2nd WOWO Innovation Camp held its orientation on 3 March 2020. This year we have a number of experienced mentors in the Entrepreneurship Academy, offering simultaneous online and offline guidance, along with each mentor’s ability to invest and attract investment. WOWO Innovation Camp wants every entrepreneur and investor to get the most out of this platform.

The WOWO Innovation Camp

– Entrepreneurs and projects with original and sustainable or socially minded ideas
– Investor Mentors with time and investment or investor raising ability

– Mar to May 2020: Preliminary screening of the project – Online assessment
– May to July 2020: Guidance for offline Enterprises
– Aug to Sept 2020: Project investigation

– China (Beijing or Shenzhen)

Business innovation award: Sustainable business projects
– Scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship projects
– Medical technology innovation and entrepreneurship projects
– Commerce and industry innovation and entrepreneurship projects
Public innovation award: Public welfare projects that solve new social problems

– For entrepreneurs: capital injection, resource allocation, growth and expansion
– For investors: invest in high-quality projects, achieve financial growth, and the honor of investment achievement

– Beijing Tiantian Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. – Chaired by Liang Xiao, a well-known Chinese investor.
– Zhejiang Yiwu Baode Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. – Leading real estate company in Zhejiang, China.
– Henan Dacheng Grain & Oil Group Co., Ltd. – Products sold in China, SE Asia, U.S., Israel and other countries.
– Apollo Box – Building cross-border e-commerce platform, technology to distribute quality products worldwide.
And more…

Replace the traditional ’10 + 2′ model with the innovative ‘5 + 2’, even ‘3 + 2’, model for rapid and stable financial growth. [‘5 + 2’ : Capital invests in a project for 5 years, capital exits from a project for 2 years.]
China’s top startup projects and unicorn projects are waiting for investors!

Global investment institutions are welcome to join WOWO Investment Camp.

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