ERB Strengthens Cooperation with McKINLEY for Global Market Expansion


ERB, a Tallinn EE registered cryptocurrency exchange and investment platform, has announced the world’s first PDG-based (Project Default Guarantee) liquidity program, designed for both companies and investors. A Design to Build Trust, this Win-Win Investment Platform is backed by a US$1 billion investment and US$5 billion PDG Financial Assurance Agreement with McKINLEY Investment LLC USA.

The ERB investment platform will be of essential help to many small and medium-size companies suffering from financial shortfall due to the economic recession and the global impact of COVID-19. Platforms exist to match the sides, but don’t address the insecurity and lack of investor information, and the often preclusive risk of non-performance or default. ERB’s platform offers this help, as its PDG program returns all principal if an investment ends in failure or company closure. Innovation in financial markets has arrived, and investors can finally choose a “low-risk, high-yield” policy.

ERB Chairman Eom Meen, “Our PDG program is not an exchange loss, on the contrary. PDG expenditure ensures new investors and adds liquidity. Some may doubt their investment security, yet as the PDG platform provides investors with a profitable return, these doubts will be transformed to building trust, that is, trust in the ERB ecosystem. The power of trust. Projects that are trusted by investors are bound to succeed.

“When individuals begin to lead institutional investors, and government agencies and large investment trusts start to look for secure investments, the ERB platform will be the biggest winner. And larger amounts for accepted investments on our platform will increasingly strengthen the investment environment to form an increasingly safe ecosystem.”

About ERB
ERB is a cryptocurrency exchange established in Tallinn EE and creator of a unique exchange-based liquidity supply platform built on the ERO (Exchange Right Offering) Platform. In August 2019, McKINLEY agreed to provide a PDG (Project Default Guarantee) for the Exchange, the world’s first. Based on enhanced CDS (Credit Default Swap) programs, a PDG Program was developed combining McKINLEY’s financial services program with ERB’s liquidity supply mechanism. With this, ERB and McKINLEY aim to strengthen global business and raise the supply of liquidity with further alliances.

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