Xiao-i empowers Contact Centers with Cognitive Intelligence

- AI technology becomes a driving force in global customer service


HONG KONG, Sept 20, 2019 – (ACN Newswire) – Shanghai Xiaoi Robot Technology Co. Ltd (Xiao-i), a leading developer of AI technologies and applications, was asked to represent the AI industry at the annual Contact Center APAC conference on September 9-10 in Jakarta. The conference was attended by some 300 contact center representatives who gathered to discuss issues related to building next generation contact centers in the digital age.

Xiao-i was pleased to represent the AI industry at the annual Contact Center APAC conference on Sept 9-10 in Jakarta.

“Cognitive intelligence is helping to transform traditional customer service centers, from cost centers to knowledge management and data operation centers, while creating multiple layers of value for the enterprise as well,” said Yiya Xu, Senior Vice President of Xiao-i. Cognitive AI technology enables companies to explore and apply data to business advantage. Xiao-i actively encourages cognitive enterprise, and upgrading contact centers is an important part of this digital transformation.

With the maturity of technologies such as AI and cloud computing, contact centers across various industries have improved their customer service experience with the innovative technology. AI technology can effectively solve the problems of traditional customer service, such as difficulties of data collection, low business growth, high service homogeneity, and poor cost control. Based on its leading natural language processing, intelligent voice, machine learning and other AI technologies, Xiao-i seeks to create diversified solutions, and helps companies build a knowledge base, the hub of AI, while upgrading the contact center.

Ms. Xu predicts the model of human-machine collaboration will continue to exist for the next five to ten years. The three elements of machine learning, human operation and expert supervision complement each other in the operation of AI systems.

“AI is not only a technology or a solution; for a company, it can also be a means of transformation, and developing the business culture.” Xu said that when upgrading the contact center, top management must be fully supportive and gradually promote the new business step-by-step, analyze business needs and combine strategic planning with practical requirements, set quantitative indicators to test the results of intelligent solutions, and build intelligent customer service systems that often involve multiple departments, or require close inter-departmental cooperation.

Ms. Xu addressed several cases of successful smart customer service systems. In the first, a commercial bank’s credit card center was transformed over 5 years from limited smart customer service to effective marketing, with a doubling of customers and significant profit growth. At the same time, around 10% of the card center staff transitioned to AI practice. In the second, a technology giant active in more than 160 countries and regions used the AI+ Contact Center with precise and unified knowledge services to handle the internal office needs of the company’s global employees.

Ms. Xu emphasized how the success stories show that innovations realized by AI technology are developed by both supply and demand. Xiao-i and these innovative industry leaders create a win-win situation. The former provides technology, the latter provide demand, and the cooperation is tailor-made for the business needs. Ms. Xu called on corporate decision makers to be especially innovative in this era of artificial intelligence.

The audience were inspired by the examples and the changes brought about by AI technology, and expressed interest in combining AI technology with their existing contact center businesses.

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Shanghai Xiaoi Robot Technology Co. Ltd (Xiao-i) is a leading AI company, specializing in multilingual natural language processing, deep semantic interaction, speech recognition, machine learning and other cognitive intelligence technologies. A pioneer in industrial AI applications, Xiao-i was established in Shanghai in 2001 and has developed into a market leader. Xiao-i serves over 1,000 large enterprises and government organizations and provides its open platform to over 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and developers.
Xiao-i has R&D centers in Shanghai, Guiyang & Nanjing, launching APAC headquarters in Hong Kong in 2018. Major investors include Alibaba Group, China Everbright and Haiyin Capital. Learn more at www.xiaoi.com/en/ and LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/xiaoi/.

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