Mr. Yu Dingxin, Chairman of Tu Yi Holding Company Limited, strikes the gong at the SEHK to mark the Group listing (1701.HK).

Shares of Tu Yi Holding Company Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries collectively, the “Group”), a well-established and active outbound travel products and services provider in the PRC, commenced dealing today on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”) under the stock code of 1701.

After listing, the Group plans to further broaden its product portfolio, explore new destinations and develop new itineraries for existing tours to give customers more new and different travel experiences. The Group will monitor market trends regularly and carefully and leverage its accumulated product development know-how and market insights to meet new and evolving market demands. In light of this, the Group also plans to establish its own bus fleet to serve customers of its Japan tours including local tours and recruit more people, especially tour guides based in Japan, to further enhance the customers’ travel experience.

Since the Group’s strategy is to specialise in the provision of Japan-related travel products, it will continue to identify and pursue hospitality asset acquisition opportunities in Kyoto. The Group intends to acquire a small to mid-size traditional Japanese house with an annual revenue of approximately RMB6.0 million and convert it into a bed and breakfast guesthouse, also known as minshuku in Japan. In addition, the group plans to invest in a travel agency company in Tokyo with established sales channels and local travel products for new destinations that would cater for the needs of Chinese tourists. Through strategic alliances with other travel agencies, the Group can provide more product offerings to a wider customer base.

The Group will also leverage its strong market presence and resources in Japan to push its travel products and services to Hong Kong. In view of this, the Group will actively collaborate with Hong Kong local travel agencies and online tourism platforms, and start setting up new office(s) in Hong Kong, to establish both online and offline channels to sell travel products, especially Japan day tour products, to corporate customers and retail customers. In the future, the Group will also recruit more staff in Hong Kong.

About Tu Yi Holding Company Limited
Founded in 2008, the Group is a well-established and active outbound travel package and services provider in the PRC, with a particular focus on the provision of Japan-bound package tours and related FIT products to customers in Eastern China. The Group is principally engaged in (i) the design, development and sale of outbound travel package tours and day tours; (ii) the design, development and sale of FIT products; (iii) the provision of visa application processing services; (iv) the provision of other ancillary travel-related products and services; and (v) the operation of the Shizuoka Hotel and Tokyo Hotel, both of which are owned by the Group.

Source: ACN Newswire

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