To quickly enhance operational efficiency of its Operation Management and Technology Output Services by going digital

China Risun Group Limited (“China Risun”, or the “Group”, stock code: 1907), a global-leading integrated coke, coking chemical and refined chemical producer and supplier in China, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yonyou Network Co Ltd. (“Yonyou Network”), which will give it access to Yonyou Jingzhi industrial internet platform to perform corporate digitalization and quickly boost the efficiency and effectiveness of its operation management and technology output services.

China Risun is dedicated to the pursuit of technological research and development and innovation. It has strived to help the industry advance by setting new production standards and, by achieving “Equipment Intelligence + Manufacturing Intelligence + Digital Operation”, it affords high quality, highly efficient, low consumption, clean, flexible and safe production, has boosted the value of the traditional industry. Through cooperating with Yonyou Network, the Group aims to achieve a shift of focus – from production to customer needs and from functional management to automation – and build a standardized system capable of integrating and performing sales, transportation, production, supply and financial functions “all under one roof” to support China Risun in rolling out its operation management and technology output service strategy.

Over the years, Yonyou Network has served the need of enterprises, in and outside China, and public entities to go digital and realize smart development. Tapping the power of Yonyou Jingzhi industrial internet platform, the Group will be able to steer the focus of the production bases it operates towards the market, integrate resources along its industrial chain and automate such functions as supply, coal blending, shipment, delivery tracking, pricing and data analysis. Moreover, through contract management, it can seamlessly connect production and sales, thereby be able to fulfil contracts effectively, accurately and meeting expectation. Informatization will give the Group instantaneous access to operating Big Data, assisting making of management decisions and faster and more effective and optimized resources allocation, in turn maximizing economic returns. In addition, the Group will be able to “embed” effective risk management and internal control in its business system to ensure daily operation and internal supervision are well-integrated to give it enhanced risk prevention capability.

The Group will work hard to capture opportunities presented by consolidation of the industry at the PRC Government’s keen push for supply-side reform. It will expand business by putting in its best strengths and offering operation management and technology output services to cooperating manufacturers, thereby improve the operating profit margin and sustainability of its business. This strategic cooperation will brace the Group in achieving rapid growth of the business segment.

About China Risun Group Limited
China Risun Group Limited is the world’s largest independent producer and supplier of coke in 2018, according to Frost & Sullivan. The Group is an integrated coke, coking chemical and refined chemical producer and supplier in China and holds leading positions in a number of refined chemical sectors both in China and globally. The vertically integrated business model among with more than 20 years of experience in the coal chemical industry production chain has enabled the Group to tap into the downstream refined chemical markets. For more details, please visit

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