Altezza Travel Releases a 2024 Guide on Avoiding Crowds on Mount Kilimanjaro

  • New Strategies for a Serene Trekking Vacation Unveiled

Altezza Travel, the largest operator of Mount Kilimanjaro tours, has released a comprehensive guide for 2024. The guide explores the crowding problem on Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions and offers expert guidance on crafting a memorable, crowd-free journey to the “Roof of Africa.”

Camp on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Camp on Mt. KilimanjaroSunset on a Kilimanjaro Expedition in 2024 (Altezza Travel)

Mount Kilimanjaro rises 5,895 meters (19,341 feet) above sea level, earning the title of Africa’s highest peak and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. Scaling the diverse climatic zones of this ancient volcano to stand on its iconic glacier-framed peak is on the bucket list of many adventurers.

In 2023, a record 61,527 trekkers set out to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. They were assisted by over 150,000 guides, porters, and cooks, essentially making Kilimanjaro one of the world’s busiest trekking destinations. However, it’s still very much possible to experience this stunning trek while enjoying its tranquil and scenic wilderness. Altezza Travel’s guide shares useful tips on how to do that.

Unlike many popular high-altitude mountains that have the problem of overcrowding, Kilimanjaro offers more options for those seeking a quiet trekking experience due to the variety of routes and their availability all year round.

During peak seasons, popular trails get crowded. For adventurers who seek the “authentic” Kilimanjaro experience – a tranquil trek with no other groups in sight, a new planning strategy is essential.

Altezza Travel reports that over 90% of climbers ascend during the dry seasons from late June to middle October, and from late December through late February. So, one key to a serene experience lies in the right timing. Climbing Kilimanjaro is possible all year round, even during the rainy seasons. However, Altezza has identified three sweet spots during transition seasons when favorable weather coincides with dramatically fewer crowds:

March 1-15June 1-20October 15-31

Route selection is equally critical. Eight classic trails ascent the volcano from different sides, varying in difficulty and popularity. The Lemosho route, once a quiet “hidden gem,” attracted 17,000+ trekkers in 2023, becoming the most popular path alongside the Marangu and Machame routes. Conversely, some trails like the Rongai route, while still being beginner-friendly, see over 10 times fewer hikers than Lemosho.

Interestingly, the day you start the climb also matters. To make the most of vacation time, many hikers arrive in Tanzania before the weekend and begin their ascent from Friday to Monday. However, a start on Wednesday or Thursday can mean encountering nearly half as many climbers compared to a Sunday start. Opting for less popular routes midweek can result in up to 20 times fewer hikers.

Thomas Becker, Expeditions Coordinator at Altezza Travel, shares his thoughts: “Choosing off-peak times for your Kilimanjaro climb not only ensures a tranquil experience but also contributes to the preservation of this pristine environment and provides work opportunities for the local communities during the tourism downtime.”

For tailored advice on Kilimanjaro treks, connect with Altezza Travel’s experts. They will be delighted to offer you detailed professional guidance.

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Altezza Travel is a leading Destination Management Company in Tanzania and serves as the largest operator on Mount Kilimanjaro. Holding a #1 ranking on TripAdvisor, the company organizes nearly a thousand expeditions every year. Apart from leading the tourism industry in the region, Altezza Travel is proud to invest in local communities and champion sustainable tourism.

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