Trescon Lights Up 2023: A Year of Innovation and Growth

As 2023 draws to a close, Trescon reflects on a year that was filled with innovation, pioneering concepts, impactful initiatives and transformative platforms that are further driving the global digital transformation journey. Going beyond the mere exhibition of next-gen solutions, Trescon’s events embraced a holistic vision, nurturing communities, championing inclusivity, and propelling positive change through the power of innovation.

A Celebration of Record-Breaking Achievements

2023 saw Trescon scaling unprecedented heights:

  • Hosting a total of 17 future tech events, including 15 trailblazing showcases and successfully managing 2 government initiatives, Dubai FinTech Summit and Future Sustainability Forum, amplifying our impact across diverse tech and sustainability spheres
  • Hosting over 20 Ministers, Governors & Deputy Ministers around the globe
  • Having achieved a remarkable success in launching DATE (Digital Acceleration and Transformation Expo) as a dynamic platform for B2B technology to help propel transformative solutions across every industry
  • Witnessing an impressive gathering of 28,000+ stakeholders representing the vanguard of innovation and change, 15,000+ c-level executives, along with 2,600+ investors, 500+ exhibitors, 200+ start-up companies, forming partnerships with over 1,000+ industry-leading entities, and a participation of 100+ countries.

Beyond the Bits and Bytes: A Spotlight on Social Impact

While innovation was at the core, Trescon recognized the immense power of technology to drive positive change.

Driving change: As the focus of the globe is shifting towards a sustainable future, Trescon leveraged its expertise towards a focus to champion inclusivity and diversity in tech through its foundation and the launch of the Women in Media Council. A key highlight was the launch of the Smart 1,000 classroom initiative (a partnership initiative between Trescon Foundation and Yuva Unstoppable) to transform 1,000 schools in rural areas of India.

Fortifying the tech landscape: Doing our bit towards creating a safe cyberspace, Trescon’s platform has been used by leading thought leaders to advocate ethical practices in the emerging tech space. One key highlight of the year was Trescon’s support to the launch of a security awareness book titled Cyber Safe Girl in English & Arabic.

Talking about the future, Naveen Bharadwaj, Group CEO of Trescon, said,” 2024 heralds a pivotal phase for Trescon, marked by a profound commitment to innovation with a purpose. We’re poised to help innovators play a central role towards a digitized future, crafting solutions that not only revolutionize industries but also nurture a planet in need.  Our vision is clear: to redefine the role of technology, shaping a future where innovation harmonizes with sustainability, propelling us towards a world enriched by responsible advancements.”

Another step in their expansive strategy, In 2023, Demandify Media, a Trescon company, became the leading Account-Based Marketing and Demand Generation partner for fast-growing tech firms, serving over 250 clients.  Playing a crucial role in helping organizations achieve their goals through effective GTM strategies, Demandify Media is set for an ambitious expansion into Europe and North America in 2024.  This move underscores their commitment to delivering their unmatched services on a global scale, reinforcing their position as an essential partner for tech companies aiming for rapid growth.

A Beacon of Inspiration for the Future:

As we gear up to prepare and embrace 2024, Trescon looks to the future with unwavering optimism towards being a beacon of innovation and social progress while strengthening our ties to the community.  In the words of Mithun Shetty, the Vice Chairman of Trescon, have said, “Remember how we bridged distances, sparked friendships, and made tech magic happen? That’s the power of our community! Now, let’s recharge and gear up for an even more thrilling adventure in 2024!”

The achievements of 2023 fuel our anticipation for what lies ahead—a future ripe with fresh opportunities and pioneering advancements. Sharing his sentiment Mohammed Saleem, Founder and Chairman of Trescon said, “Looking back at 2023, it’s not just the numbers that make us proud.”

He further added, “It’s the stories of lives transformed, the connections forged, and the positive impact we’ve made together. In 2024, we’ll continue to shine a light on the brightest minds in tech, but we’ll also ensure that those lights illuminate a path towards a more equitable, sustainable, and innovative future for all.”

Looking ahead, Trescon reiterates its unwavering dedication to pioneering innovation and fostering a collaborative spirit.  The remarkable strides made in 2023 propel us toward an exciting horizon. Together, let’s steer the course towards an era where technology knows no bounds and shapes a world of endless possibilities.

About Trescon

Trescon is a pioneering force in the global business events and services sector, driving the adoption of emerging technologies while promoting sustainability and inclusive leadership.

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