United Nations IGF Dynamic Coalition Pilots a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

The United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Assurance & Standardizationannounces the initiation of a groundbreaking project aimed at establishing a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO). The pilot project is a collaborative effort showcasing how public sector organizations can leverage blockchain technology and DAO principles to foster transparent, rules-based, and high-integrity governance structures.

UN – IGF Dynamic Coalitions are multistakeholder groups operating within the framework of the UN Internet Governance Forum, addressing specific issues related to internet governance. These coalitions are independent entities within the UN-IGF and bring together diverse stakeholders to collaborate on focused topics, fostering dialogue and producing outputs such as reports and guidelines.

A Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an organization governed by a set of rules encoded as smart contracts on a blockchain, operating on principles of decentralization and automation. In a DAO, decision-making and governance processes are encoded into smart contracts on a blockchain, enabling members to participate in the organization’s activities without the need for traditional hierarchical structures. DAOs typically utilize digital tokens for voting and decision-making, and their rules are transparently and immutably recorded on the blockchain. This decentralized approach aims to create trust, transparency, and efficiency, allowing members to collectively manage resources, make decisions, and execute actions based on predefined rules without the need for centralized control.

According to one of the groups co-leaders, Mr. Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio who also is the CIO of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, “This initiative signifies a pivotal step toward establishing innovative and secure governance models, ensuring that blockchain technology can be harnessed for the benefit of public sector organizations. The UN IGF DC-BAS remains committed to fostering collaboration, transparency, and the responsible adoption of emerging technologies.”

The Dynamic Coalition is hosted by the Government Blockchain Association (GBA), a non-profit that helps the public and private sector connect, communicate, and collaborate. The GBA provides the infrastructure support for the organization. The Dynamic Coalition is also co-led by the GBA Executive Director, Gerard Dache and along with Mr. Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio, they lead a public, open forum multi-stakeholder coalition from around the world that meets on a monthly basis.

The technology being used for this pilot project is donated by a GBA member, Gosh, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution that allows developers to run smart contracts on-chain for free. The pilot will also liaise with other GBA working groups, including:

Anyone can join the group by requesting access to the UN IGF BAS-DC Google Group. For more information about the Dynamic Coalition , please visit https://intgovforum.org/en/content/dynamic-coalition-on-blockchain-assurance-and-standardization-dc-bas

For media inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio
Chief Information Officer
United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund

Mr. Gerard Dache
Executive Director
Government Blockchain Association

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