Creators of the World’s Largest Computer Driven Kinetic Sculpture to Unveil a New Immersive Public Installation at Art Miami, 2023

  • BREAKFAST, in collaboration with HOFA Gallery and Art Miami, is set to unveil the highly anticipated ‘Flashbacks, Green Lines’ – an immersive kinetic installation at Art Miami 2023. BREAKFAST has recently garnered acclaim for creating the world’s largest computer-controlled kinetic sculpture. Art Miami’s groundbreaking installation will be on public display from 5 to 10 December 2023, offering a unique narrative where each viewer’s interaction with the artwork becomes an integral part of the captivating ‘Flashback, Green Lines’ installation

Art Miami is poised to host a captivating immersive art installation titled ‘Flashbacks, Green Lines’ by BREAKFAST, in collaboration HOFA Gallery and Art Miami. This groundbreaking showcase will fuse kinetics and art, offering a unique and interactive perspective on the convergence of art and memory. Positioned prominently at the entrance of the renowned art fair, the installation invites the public to experience its unique narrative from 5 – 10 December 2023.

BREAKFAST, ‘Flashbacks, Green Lines’, 2023: BREAKFAST, ‘Flashbacks, Green Lines’, 2023 Flip-discs, software, camera, computer 122 x 122 in (310 x 310 cm)

BREAKFAST is renowned for their digitally driven kinetic sculptures and has recently garnered global recognition for their masterpiece, ‘The Pearl’ – the world’s largest computer-controlled kinetic sculpture, slated to launch in 2024.

BREAKFAST’s interactive installation at Art Miami, ‘Flashbacks, Green Lines’ promises a unique engagement with each participant. This innovative piece will record a brief clip of everyone who interacts with it, replaying these moments from the artwork’s memory through mesmerising and dynamic flip-discs. ‘Flashbacks, Green Lines’ transcends the traditional viewer-artwork dynamic, transforming each participant into an integral part of the artistic experience. It extends an invitation to reflect on how individual curiosity, movements, and mere presence contribute to the vibrant life of the artwork.

Nick Korniloff, Director Art Miami, says about the forthcoming collaboration, “It is an amazing interactive installation at the entry of the Art Miami that will engage all our guests as they enter our 33rd edition of the Fair.”

HOFA will proudly represent twenty-two leading contemporary artists, among them the pioneering BREAKFAST at Art Miami 2023. Renowned for being at the forefront of pushing artistic boundaries, the gallery’s exhibition is a curated collection that not only showcases the exceptional talent of diverse artists but also serves as a testament to the gallery’s core values, rich history, and forward-looking vision. The diverse portfolio spans various artistic disciplines, with a particular emphasis on embracing diversity and employing a multitude of techniques and creative practices.

Sougwen Chung and Krista Kim will also prominently feature in HOFA’s presentation this year. Sougwen Chung’s series of distinctive paintings, a result of collaboration with robotic entities, showcases the intricacies of the artist’s profound research and performative practice. This unique collaboration introduces the world to a new dimension of digital consciousness, adding an innovative layer to the overarching artistic narrative. Further enriching HOFA’s showcase is the debut of Krista Kim’s zen-digital work during Art Miami.

HOFA Gallery, Booth AM 109, Art Miami

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