Hektar REIT Achieves Historic Success: ESG Performance Rewarded with Dual Gold Accolades at The Edge Malaysia ESG Awards 2023

  • Gold Award under the “REIT” category
  • Gold Award under the “Outstanding ESG & Dividend Return” category
  • The awards were aimed at honouring Malaysia’s best performers in ESG

Hektar Asset Management Sdn. Bhd., the Manager of Hektar Real Estate Investment Trust (Hektar REIT), is pleased to announce that Hektar REIT is the proud recipient of two Gold Awards at The Edge Malaysia ESG Awards 2023 under the Equity Awards category. These awards were for the categories of Outstanding ESG and Dividend Return Award and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Award.

Senior Manager, Business Strategy Muhammad Fahmi bin Rasni; Senior Manager, Finance, Mohamad Othman bin Mail; GM, Legal, Martin Chen Kuok Yeow; GM, Business Development & Strategy, Nor Sabrina binti Halim; ED & CEO, Johari Shukri bin Jamil; Senior GM, Finance, Lim Kek Siang; Assistant Manager, Investor Relations, ESG & Special Projects, Muhammad Bakhtiar Ul Haq; and Manager, Risk & Assurance, Aida binti Zainudin of Hektar REIT[L-R]
Hektar REIT was announced as one of this event’s biggest winners in the equities category. These awards serve as a testament to Hektar REIT’s steadfast dedication to maintaining the highest levels of excellence in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. The distinguished award ceremony took place during a grand gala dinner at the Hilton, Kuala Lumpur, on 6 November 2023 and was officiated by Minister of Natural Resources, Environment, and Climate Change Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

The Edge Malaysia ESG Awards 2023, a prestigious accolade in the industry, is divided into two distinct categories: the Equity Awards and the Fund Awards. Its primary aim is to recognize and laud the exemplary performance of Malaysia’s leaders in ESG excellence.

Under the Equity category, The Edge Malaysia collaborates closely with Bursa Malaysia and FTSE Russell. The objective is to spotlight and celebrate the best-performing PLCs, with the evaluation process grounded on the robust methodology provided by FTSE Russell. The Fund category sees The Edge Malaysia partnering with Morningstar to identify and reward the top-performing asset management firms using the latter’s recognized method. These awards were aimed at promoting ESG adoption and leadership amongst industry leaders and professionals by recognizing their contributions and successes.

Hektar REIT qualified under the category of Equity Awards, whereby a company must be listed on Bursa Malaysia and be a constituent of the FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Index as of June 2023. Another key criterion for eligibility was for the companies to be assessed by FTSE Russell in December 2022 and June 2023. The Outstanding ESG and Dividend Return was a new category introduced by The Edge and companies were evaluated based on their performance for the last five years.

Johari Shukri Jamil, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer of Hektar Asset Management Sdn. Bhd. said, “We are filled with gratitude and enthusiasm for securing these two prestigious Gold Awards, a significant milestone in Hektar REIT’s exceptional journey. It is a resounding affirmation of our unwavering dedication to weaving ESG principles into every facet of our operations and strategic vision, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and the creation of long-lasting stakeholder value. At Hektar REIT, we firmly believe that our steadfast embrace of robust ESG practices forms the basis upon which we construct sustainable value for our esteemed unitholders, devoted shoppers, and the communities we are privileged to serve.

The significance of these two gold awards cannot be overstated; they symbolize the historical milestone we have achieved and propel us further towards continuing our sustainability mission. As we move forward, we remain deeply committed to not only maintaining but surpassing the high standards that have earned us these accolades. We understand that this success comes with a weighty responsibility, and we embrace it with enthusiasm, passion, and the utmost dedication.

Our journey is far from over; it has only just begun. With these two gold awards as our guiding stars, we are determined to explore new horizons and demonstrate that adopting a sustainable approach is not merely an option but a definitive path towards a more promising future for everyone.”

Hektar REIT remains committed to integrating ESG into all aspects of the business, from financial management to operations and future planning. This dedication is a cornerstone of our mission to deliver robust and enduring value to our stakeholders, positioning us for a prosperous future.

Hektar REIT: http://www.hektarreit.com/

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