Scholars Education and the Department of Education of Bermuda Announce Education Research Partnership

  • Canadian-Bermudan research partnership to boost academic performance of Bermuda’s students.

Scholars Education, a leading Canadian supplemental-education provider, in conjunction with Peak Potential Bermuda, a Bermudan registered charity, has partnered with the Department of Education of Bermuda to boost the academic performance of public-school students in the British Overseas Territory. This is another example of Education growing as an export sector of the Canadian economy and the positive international reputation of Canada’s Education Sector. Scholars, founded in 1999, has 77 locations across North America. It uses its world-class curriculum and programming coupled with qualified, caring teachers to provide exceptional tutoring services for students of all ages.

The partnership facilitates collaborative research between Scholars Education, Peak Potential Bermuda, and the Bermuda Public School System (BPSS), to serve their educational missions. The program will provide valuable data and a template to be followed in other British Overseas Territories facing education-delivery challenges similar to Bermuda. Based upon internal data collected over the last 25 years by Scholars’ PhD advisory board, Scholars Education has measured its proprietary tutoring programs to increase student achievement by over 1 Grade-Level, on average, after 40 1-hour sessions. This partnership will provide 3rd-party evaluation of these results.

Dr. Llewellyn Simmons, the Bermuda Ministry of Education’s Director of Academics, said he was excited about the possibilities the partnership presents. On behalf of the Commissioner of Education and the Department of Education, Dr. Simmons said: “Together we will support Bermuda’s students in achieving their goals.”

“The BPSS is dedicated to providing engaging STEM learning experiences, and Peak Potential Bermuda’s ‘Lego STEM’ and ‘Youth Accelerator’ programmes perfectly complement our programmes.”

Peak Potential Bermuda is a charity committed to helping children develop essential skills. Doyle Cyril Butterfield, the CEO of both the charity and Scholars of Bermuda, said: “Through our evidence-based programme, developed in collaboration with Scholars Education, we equip students with fundamental skills, boost their confidence, and enhance their academic performance.”

Matt Baxter, CEO of Scholars, said; “Scholars is proud to officially partner with Bermuda’s Department of Education. Mr. Butterfield’s implementation of Scholars’ programming has improved the academic lives of hundreds of Bermudan students. We are looking forward to helping many more with this initiative.”

Marking the launch of the partnership, Peak Potential and Scholars Education host the Scholars and Friends Golf Tournament Saturday, October 21 at Belmont Hills Golf Club. Funds raised provide children in need with bursaries for academic skill-building programmes.

Lisa and Steve Mancuso, two of Scholars Education’s top franchise partners globally, will visit Bermuda to participate in the tournament and present prizes.

Scholars, founded in 1999, has 77 locations across North America. Its world-class curriculum and programming, coupled with qualified, caring teachers, provides exceptional tutoring services for students of all ages. It has won the Canadian Franchise Association’s Franchisees’ Choice Award for eight consecutive years.


Scholars Education

Contact Information:
Matt Baxter
CEO Scholars Education

Doyle Butterfield
CEO Scholars Education Bermuda and Peak Potential Bermuda

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