Dr. LIANG Xiao of SRRSH Invited as ELSA 2023 Sole Keynote Speaker from Mainland China

Showcasing Technological Achievements of Minimally Invasive Surgery in China

The 16th Asia Pacific Congress of Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia 2023 (ELSA 2023) was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from October 5th to 7th. The conference featured a comprehensive and diverse range of activities, including live surgeries, roundtable meetings, and technical laboratory research, bringing together approximately 75 prestigious experts from around the world to deliver keynote speeches, with over a thousand scholars in attendance. Among them, Dr. LIANG Xiao, Assistant Director of Qiantang Campus and Deputy Director of General Surgery at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH or Hospital), affiliated with the Zhejiang University School of Medicine, was the only expert from mainland China invited to deliver a keynote speech and host a workshop at the conference.

Dr. LIANG Xiao delivered a speech titled “New Era of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in China”, sharing the latest and significant technological advancements in minimally invasive surgery with the audience. With great enthusiasm, Dr. LIANG introduced SRRSH, which is dedicated to promoting and applying minimally invasive surgical techniques. The Hospital is one of the leading institutions in China with the broadest range of minimally invasive surgical procedures and involvement in various disciplines. Its numerous clinical research and applications in surgery have reached an internationally advanced level.

During its nearly 30 years of operation, SRRSH has embraced change, innovation, and the development of a modern and internationalized “Shaw Hospital Model.” It has also adopted the advanced “Internet + Healthcare” service model. With Dr. CAI Xiujun, the President of SRRSH, leading the way, the Hospital has progressed steadily, achieving remarkable results.

Besides establishing China’s first secondary discipline in “Minimally Invasive”, SRRSH’s Department of General Surgery has achieved notable recognition. In the “2022 Science and Technology Evaluation Matrix Rankings for Chinese Hospitals” organized by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, it emerged as the 12th best among over 1,600 hospitals nationwide, receiving industry recognition and acclaim.

The Hospital has also founded China’s first international journal on minimally invasive surgery, with Dr. CAI, the President of SRRSH, as the editor-in-chief. The journal has received recognition by being selected for the “China Science and Technology Journal Excellence Action Plan” by seven ministries, including the China Association for Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, among others. Several international academic websites have also indexed the journal. As one of the doctors at the Hospital, Dr. LIANG has actively engaged in parallel initiatives, including establishing the Chinese Laparoscopic Hepatobiliary Surgery Academy and organizing nationally recognized continuing education programs for training purposes.

During the speech, Dr. LIANG also introduced the “Cai’s ALPPS” surgical technique, which Dr. CAI independently developed. The technique features a unique and innovative surgical approach, combined with minimally invasive surgery that effectively blocks the blood flow between the left and right liver lobes, completely resolving complications. This approach also minimizes patient trauma and accelerates postoperative recovery processes.

Dr. LIANG also showcased several short videos highlighting robot-assisted surgeries, demonstrating the precise and flexible surgical techniques performed in confined spaces. He presented multiple professional literature and data excerpts that indicate robot-assisted surgery, compared to laparoscopic surgery, effectively reduces patient bleeding and surgical risks while maximizing the preservation of healthy liver tissue. Additionally, it helps minimize postoperative complications and shorten recovery time. This presentation attracted the attention of overseas experts and scholars, further increasing their interest in the innovative technologies and development of minimally invasive surgical techniques in China.

Chinese medical enterprises have actively responded to the call of the government and made great efforts to promote domestic medical technology research and development. The development of domestically produced surgical robots in China has been progressing rapidly, with continuous advancements in technology and accuracy. During his speech, Dr. LIANG specifically mentioned and acknowledged certain companies, including Cornerstone Robotics. With the growing number of clinical trials conducted by domestic companies and experts, he believes that domestically produced surgical robots will be a significant trend in future minimally invasive surgery in China. They are expected to lead liver surgeries into a new era, benefiting the medical industry and the general public.

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