Introducing CleverAutomations: Ready-to-Use Automation Journeys for Recurring Revenue Growth

Cleverbridge, a growth engine for global technology companies, today announced the launch of CleverAutomations, a new product that leverages ready-to-use automation journeys and self-service transactions to retain and expand customer base revenue.

CleverAutomations seamlessly integrates with a company’s CRM system and uses a prompt-based interface to quickly create automation journeys for specific customer segments. The user simply provides their desired business outcome, such as “increase our renewal rate for customers under $10,000 ARR,” and end-to-end journeys – including email cadences and custom checkout pages – are generated using built-in best practices from 18+ years of eCommerce experience.

“Every technology company is looking for ways to improve profitability and do more with less,” said Wendi Sturgis, Chief Executive Officer of Cleverbridge. “CleverAutomations combines the power of AI, automation, and self-service transactions to deliver a truly differentiated solution that increases customer engagement while improving a business’s bottom line. It addresses a very real need in the market, and I can’t wait to see the impact it will have on our clients and partners.”

With one click, companies can localize all communication in 30 languages, bypassing an issue with traditional marketing automation tools which require the creation of unique templates for each language. Companies can also incorporate A/B tests throughout CleverAutomations to continually test and refine messaging performance. To cap it off, robust analytics measure engagement at each stage of the customer lifecycle and enable the initiation of automated or semi-automated interventions based on a customer’s health score.

ATLAS.ti, a leading provider of qualitative data analysis software, has been using a beta version of CleverAutomations for several months to streamline contract renewals and re-engage recently lost customers. Initial results have been promising, and the company has been able to deliver automations to its customer base in English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch.

“We’ve had a longstanding partnership with Cleverbridge and their technology has made a substantial impact on our operations. Therefore, when we learned about the CleverAutomations beta, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to participate,” said Jörg Heckler, Chief Executive Officer of ATLAS.ti. “The results have surpassed our expectations. CleverAutomations represents a notable advancement from Cleverbridge, reinforcing its position as an industry leader. Leveraging AI to automate tasks that were once time-consuming and manual has not only boosted our efficiency but also enhanced the customer experience, leading to significant revenue growth.”

General availability of CleverAutomations is expected early next year. For more information and to schedule a demo, please visit

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