RADA Launches the World’s Leading Inclusive Launchpad – LaunchVerse, and It’s a DAO

LaunchVerse is a novel product that taps into the need for a premium crowdfunding platform that provides benefits for new projects and the communities built around them.

RADA, the DAO-based AngelList for Blockchain, officially launched its newest product, LaunchVersea DAO-based launchpad for Gamefi and MetaVerse blockchain projects. Having Trung Nguyen, Axie Infinity co-founder, as one of its advisors, RADA’s vision with LaunchVerse is to simplify and popularize crowdfunding in blockchain, and at the same time make initial Token sales equally accessible for the masses.

LaunchVerse – a DAO-based launchpad for Gamefi and MetaVerse blockchain projects

A Launchpad for Everyone
LaunchVerse works for the mass market. It requires little-to-no technical knowledge supporting both Desktop and iOS mobile users and works on different blockchain networks. LaunchVerse supports projects built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, KardiaChain, Solana, and Avalanche (at the time of launch).

“Share2Earn” guaranteed investment slots
Just last month, RADA introduced the first-ever Share2Earn protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Share2Earn is a community-driven referral program designed to spread the word about RADA’s Launching Partners. Rewards are provided to those who help to grow the project’s community by sharing information with friends or to their own network through social media.

In return, Share2Earn’s participants receive rewards called RIRs – “RADA Investment Right” which give them a ticket to be guaranteed to win at least a $100 slot during any of LaunchVerse’s token sales.

Through the use of Share2Earn, blockchain projects (whose IDO is on LaunchVerse) can improve marketing efficiency, and even customize their targeted marketing to maximize exposure.

Coming Soon to LaunchVerse
December 2021, RADA will be hosting at least two of its partnered projects’ token launches – The Parallel (a virtual world universe with a real-world simulation game system) and DeFi Horse (a Metaverse e-sport tournament game combining compelling horse racing with blockchain and NFT technology).

In 2022, RADA wants to achieve several important milestones including $RADA Token release, Staking & Farming, and DAO migrations. These vital developments will facilitate the growth of LaunchVerse and for the whole RADA ecosystem.

About RADA
RADA sees itself as an angel investors community for blockchain projects. Founded in September 2021, RADA focuses on investing, supporting, and incubating promising blockchain-based projects in their earliest rounds. Aspiring to be a fair community, RADA shares its investment opportunities with RADERS – the members of the RADA Community around the world – based on the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) model. RADA’s mission is to promote healthy and legitimate blockchain investments and give equal and fair access to blockchain investors worldwide. www.rada.network

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Media Contact
RADA Marketing team
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