Westar launches first permissionless public chain, Starcoin

The Westar team, the pioneer of blockchain infrastructure, has announced that Starcoin, the world’s first finished public chain developed using Move language, was officially launched.

The Westar team, the pioneer of blockchain infrastructure, announces that Starcoin, the world’s first finished public chain developed using Move language, was officially launched.

Move language is a smart contract language developed by Facebook specifically for Libra. Its primary goal is to manage the state of digital assets. It will also play an essential part in the Metaverse development and a tremendous creative experiment in the realm of blockchain. Even though the developers could envision the future of the Move language, they couldn’t imagine it at the time. Starcoin pioneered the first permissionless public chain to support Move in less than two years, ushering in a new era. Style evolution.

A thorough analysis of the Move language and its smart contracts by the Starcoin team has led them to believe it will be a key component of the future blockchain ecosystem. Digital assets are first-class citizens in Move’s design. When utilized as variables in smart contracts, digital assets may also be used as parameters, return values, and other inputs. While compiling, the security check for the compiler is made easier by the language’s static type. As a result, the smart contract’s security may be enhanced by checking “resources” for errors before release. It’s not only that the Move language is naturally compatible with digital asset security, but it may also act as a firewall against assaults on the public chain. This puts the Starcoin created on the Move language at the forefront of security and performance.

The Westar team said that in addition to innovation, creating the necessary conditions for developers is a must. At present, Starcoin has established a simple financial infrastructure to serve ordinary users, so that everyone can participate in the deployment contract, create digital assets, develop DeFi applications and so on. This financial infrastructure realizes an open permissionless public chain and has been developed and used for developers. In the first online Starcoin Move Hackathon Competition which closed recently, Starcoin attracted more than 30 project teams from around the world to build DApps based on the Move contract in Starcoin chain. In addition, Starcoin launched the first Move developer community, which attracted more developers to feel the charm of Move language to build a Starcoin ecosystem. It is said that Starcoin’s new Move Hackathon Competition is being prepared. All high-quality technical teams will be supported by STC tokens of Starcoin foundation.

As a safe and smart contract operation platform with financial system genes, Starcoin has been able to embody all the market imagination for a decentralized world. Whether Starcoin tries NFT or Swap it will be implemented soon, and these have brought more possibilities and hopes to the industry. Although Starcoin is still very young, DApp led by Move smart contract will be an important development direction in the future. The prosperity of public chains is becoming a reality. Starcoin will leave an indelible record in the history of blockchain development.

Tim, Westar Labs
Email: tim@westar.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarcoinSTC (@StarcoinSTC)
Websites: https://westar.io/ https://starcoin.org/

Westar, a pioneer of hierarchical blockchain, was founded in 2018 to create next-generation hierarchical blockchain and financial infrastructure. Through advanced technology and engineering capabilities, we build our products and basic network, thereby reducing dependence on trust and improving the efficiency of financial markets. For the blockchain ecology, we use hierarchical blockchain technology to ensure security and processing speed to achieve the purpose of commercial use. And through an open financial network, change the world and change the lives of ordinary people. (westar.io)

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