Industry’s First 5G Terminal Slicing Solution Demonstrated


UNISOC, with China Mobile, ZTE and other industry chain partners, jointly completed an application demonstration of the world’s first 5G terminal slicing target solution, which indicates that 5G terminal has been equipped with the slicing capability and can provide personalized and customized services for 5G users. The demonstration took place at the 8th China Mobile Global Partner Conference, from November 19 to 21, on an independent 5G SA network designed and deployed by China Mobile, with ZTE 5G system equipment and the 5G terminal chipset by UNISOC.

The terminal slicing solution enables 5G terminals with enhanced service capabilities based on multiple business granularities such as APP ID, FQDN, IP triplet, and customized DNN. This means that slicing selection can not only provide differentiated service based on different services, but can also effectively isolate the same type of traffic and even provide differentiated and personalized services to different users on the same type of service, and support new service models such as cloud gaming, real-time video broadcasting, HD video playback and so on.

The solution is designed with a modem-centric system architecture, which enables the process of matching service feature attributes and network slicing in the modem, making subsequent capacity expansion flexible and efficient, sensitive to the business attributes and providing a variety of options for users. The new system is designed to be flexible and scalable for high-quality slicing services.

The demonstration uses an online speed measurement business scenario to visually compare the experiences of non-sliced network access and slice-assured network access. The comparison demonstrates excellent 5G slice-assured performance across categories in terms of the downlink peak rate, packet loss rate and latency in securing typical 5G services, fully realizing the slicing selection and modem-centric solutions for 5G terminals. The demonstration results showed that even with overloaded cell blocks built into the demonstration scenario, 5G slice users could still enjoy smooth download rates, extremely low packet loss rates and ultra-low latency service experiences.

Network slicing is the core technology of 5G, empowering various vertical industries. It is a powerful tool for generating new businesses, innovating business models, and increasing the value of the network. As a leading chip designer in China, UNISOC and its partners have jointly completed the end-to-end 5G network slicing application and modem-centric solution, which will promote the industrialization of slicing technology and will greatly facilitate the digital transformation. 5G development has brought vitality to a variety of industries and has led to the booming development of related industries and markets.

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