UNISOC Completes Multi-vendor 5G SA Chip Interoperability Testing

UNISOC completed multi-vendor 5G standalone (SA) chip interoperability testing and ZUC verification testing on October 15, with major system vendors. The tests confirm that UNISOC 5G chips are fully interoperable with system equipment vendors and support the ZUC encryption algorithm, laying the foundation for large-scale commercialization of 5G SA terminals.

The tests were organized by IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group at the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), using smartphones powered by the UNISOC T7510. UNISOC successfully completed the 5G SA chip interoperability testing with ZTE, Nokia Shanghai Bell and Ericsson, and the ZUC verification test with ZTE.

In the 5G SA chip interoperability test, following 3GPP R15 F60 standards, the UNISOC T7510 completed testing for 280 items, covering the physical layer, RRC layer, NAS layer, service bearing, network slicing and NR-LTE mobility and EPS Fallback.

In the ZUC performance test, smartphones with the UNISOC T7510 completed 18 test cases for uplink/downlink rate, encryption delay, and integrity protection at data level. ZUC, or Zu Chongzhi, is a central 3GPP Confidentiality Algorithm and will be used to build a more secure 5G network and meet the requirements of various verticals.

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Miranda Wu – UNISOC PR Team
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