CDS Chain’s STO application approved by the U.S. SEC


Commercial Data Storage [CDS] application for token offering [STO] has been approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC], with the filing available online at SEC’s public database, EDGAR. CDS is a smart agreement based on POTS (Proof of Traffic-measured Storage) consensus technology and focusing on distributed data commercial storage.

CDS’ consensus design combines the IPFS distributed technology concept and the needs of financial data flow with POTS-based flow storage consensus technology. Through the design and recording of intelligent contracts and the preservation of digital information and content of CDS-based financial transactions, CDS can enhance confidentiality and security while realizing the capitalization of personal data.

CDS focuses on commercial data storage agreements, and is committed to realizing a solution of trust, security and efficiency in global business transactions while promoting the development of commercial business. At this stage, CDS focuses on value trading services, while in future it will essentially promote a two-way development of transaction services between commercial transactions and financial institutions.

CDS, as a new protocol following financial data flows, has an on-chain storage and call system encrypted with blockchain technology. A central characteristic of this data system effectively integrates the coexistence of enterprise data producers with distributed data carriers.

The approval and publication of the CDS registry and filing, and CDS’ compliance with SEC regulation in the future, will lead to a more balanced STO in which investors will be more secure. The STO will be a milestone event for CDS on the road to globalization.

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