Fidentity Releases New Back to Work. Touchless Tools For Business, Employees and Visitors


Fidentity now offers a touchless employee check-in process, temperature scanning, and PPE scanning to keep your workers safe and healthy. These features are added in addition to the existing touchless visitor management System and delivery management feature

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, businesses must make changes to their regular operations. Fidentity, powered by Zenwork, Inc, is committed to the health and safety of your employees and visitors. One result of that commitment is the new additions to the Fidentity System. These new features enable organizations to create a safe and secure environment for anyone entering the workplace.

“As we saw the health risks multiply for anyone entering a place of business, we decided to speed up our implementation of several features we already had on the roadmap,” said Sanjeev Singh, Founder, and CEO of Zenwork, Inc, the parent company of Fidentity. “The risk of endangering employee and visitor health has increased with the pandemic. As part of our mission to help companies achieve compliance through technology, we strongly feel these new features will aid companies in their goal to have a safe workplace for anyone who enters the building.”

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Fidentity’s newly launched platform includes QR code and facial recognition based Touchless Employee Attendance, Visitor and Delivery Management System. Touchless Employee Management System component that Fidentity added to the already robust Visitor Management Software (VMS). The Fidentity Visitor Management System with Employee Management consolidates employees and visitors into one centralized system, creating an automated process that is efficient and completely touchless.

In addition to newly added software features, ZenScan-Temperature Scanner with built-In Facial Recognition is Zenwork’s latest hardware, incorporating AI-driven technology to combat COVID-19. Zenscan offers four features: temperature scanning, PPE scanning, facial recognition, and employee management software. These features increase safety precautions in the workplace and create an efficient touchless sign-in process for employees.

ZenScan checks everyone who enters the building for COVID-19 symptoms by conducting a forehead temperature scan, running facial recognition, and detecting if someone isn’t wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). ZenScan can be programmed to automatically deny or allow access into your workplace based on the employee being identified and passing the required health checks. Employees have the added benefit of being automatically clocked-in when they enter the building, with timestamps that sync to payroll.

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Nick Bondurant, Product Director for Zenwork, said, “Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have used our resources to make rapid changes to Fidentity, knowing that companies can use our products to keep their workplace safe.”

In addition to the Employee Management System features, Fidentity has added Delivery Management. The Delivery Management Software enables companies to handle incoming deliveries, delivery locations, delivery notifications, and reminders with ease. When a package arrives, the recipient will receive a notification alerting them to pick up their package. With the growth of delivery services and the need for employees who cannot be at home when a package arrives to receive their package without the fear of theft, Delivery Management System provides an efficient method for companies to permit employees to receive their packages at work instead of home.

The new Fidentity features will assist businesses small and large to remain in compliance with changing CDC recommendations while making life easier for their employees at the same time.

About Fidentity is powered by Zenwork, Inc. is an AI-based Employee, Visitor, Delivery, and Event Management System which is cloud-based software designed to fully automate the check-in process for employees, visitors, delivery and event management. Fidentity will also track, store, and display employee and visitor information in real me. Fidentity allows organizations to create a customized touchless check-in process that maximizes visitor experience for everyone that enters the business.

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