We Solutions (860.HK) Changes Name to Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited


Apollo Future Mobility Group ( AFMG; 0860.HK; formerly ‘We Solutions’ ) is pleased to announce completion of its rebranding exercise, and the official registration of new English Company name, Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited. The stock short name will become APOLLO FMG, with effect at 9:00 on 13 May. The Chinese Company name and stock short name will remain unchanged. Meanwhile, the Company has adopted a new company logo, and the website address will change to www.apollofmg.com, signalling the Group’s embarkation on a new journey to proactively promote its mobility technology business, and its determination to explore in-depth technological innovation, aiming to establish a new standard as an integrated mobility solution provider.

With the advancement and transformation of the global mobility industry, the Group foresaw ample potential in this marketspace. Through a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions, the Group has successfully transformed into an integrated mobility solution provider. In March, the Group completed the acquisition of 86.06% of Apollo Automobil, a European high-performance hypercar developer. By integrating the technologies of Apollo Automobil with the Group’s existing electric vehicle businesses, the Group is able to create a disruptive full-service mobility technology solution platform from ideation, design, modeling, engineering and simulation to prototype production, and actual testing to the delivery of pre-production prototypes to customers.

The acquisition of Apollo Automobil injected state-of-the-art mobility technologies and exceptional brand value into the Group. The acquisition further strengthens the Group’s ability to become one of the world’s leading technology solution providers of the new energy vehicle and mobility industry. The name change will better reflect the Group’s business strategies and expansion and its determination to make a statement in the future of mobility, as well as enhancing its corporate image and competitiveness.

Mr. Ho King Fung Eric, Chairman of Apollo Future Mobility Group, said, “The completion of the Group’s rebranding marks a significant milestone in our corporate development and transformation into an integrated mobility solution provider. The series of recent strategic transactions signifies our resolve in becoming a pioneer in future mobility. The Board believes the new English name and logo of the Company uplifts our corporate image and will benefit future business development of the Group and conform to the overall best interests of its shareholders.”

About Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited

Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited ( AFMG; 0860.HK ) is a leading integrated mobility technology solution provider with proprietary and disruptive mobility technologies. It is determined to build a world-leading one-stop service platform for “future mobility” through the integration of global advanced mobility technologies.

After completing the acquisition of 86.06% of Apollo Automobil, a European high-performance hypercar developer, in March 2020, the Group rebranded as Apollo Future Mobility Group, focusing its business development on twin pillars, which are Apollo Automobil and Apollo Advanced Technologies (AAT). In addition to the development and sales of hypercars and its cross-branding licensing business under the Apollo brand, the Group provides one-stop turnkey mobility technology solutions by integrating Apollo Automobil and the Group’s existing electric vehicle technologies.

The Group’s subsidiaries include Apollo Automobil, a top-tier European hypercar developer, and GLM Co. Ltd, a leading electric vehicle developer in Japan. In addition, the Group has expanded its mobility technologies by investing in Divergent Technologies, Inc., the world’s first 3D printing automotive manufacturing platform, and EV Power, a leading electric vehicle charging solutions provider.

For further details, please visit http://www.apollofmg.com.

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