Bitnuk sets Exchange Records, Becoming a Most Trusted Platform



The Swiss Bitcoin exchange platform exceeded 114,342,004TH/s and EUR 80 million in exchange value last Thursday, its highest-ever figures.

Bitnuk, the Swiss bitcoin exchange and wallet, is here to stay. While the coronavirus was taking over economies and stock markets crashed, Bitnuk was becoming a most trusted wallet and exchange platform for the worlds currency buyers.

Trust and stability – Crypto and Fiat

There is no better time than these coronavirus days to evaluate the stability of companies and markets – It is more significant looking at financial platforms when we want to keep our money safe. Bitnuk, the Swiss Bitcoin exchange and all-currencies wallet, recorded huge volume from currency buyers and on Thursday tripled the average registration rate and exchange volume, showing the confidence of Bitnuk’s users.

The coronavirus is one of the most significant jump-starting points for wallet and exchange users to move to digital financial platforms. While banks over the world are closed for costumers and moving or using your own money becomes impossible these days, Bitnuk is the solution.

The great advantage of Bitnuk is that users can use it for any of their banking or currency needs with top-end security and privacy.

So, with its Swiss credibility, the right timing, and the perfect solution, Bitnuk becomes a must-have wallet. Thanks to its security, privacy, trust, and multi-currency options, the numbers show it is the preferred alternative also to the giant players like PayPal, Coinbase, Exodus, Blockchain, and more.

There is no doubt that after the corona crises, the digital financial platform will experience massive growth and will probably be in use of millions of new users even as the main account. Bitnuk will be surely taking the advantage of this period and here not only to stay but to long last.

Brookfield-Euroswiss the Swiss holdings group analysts, report that the average daily market crypto cap was over 200B USD and daily crypto trading volume of over 10B USD. This growth shows the confidence the market has not only with crypto but digital wallets and crypto platforms in general..

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