GeoMap Sees Renewed Focus on China and South Korea Patient Recruitment as COVID-19 Cases Drop

The award-winning global leader in digital patient recruitment, GeoMap Clinical said it was seeing more demand for clinical trial patient recruitment in China and South Korea as the two regions reported a drop in COVID-19 infections.

(Image credit the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 heat map

GeoMap is working closely with biotechs and CROs around the world to keep screening patients and connecting them with study coordinators online to support important ongoing clinical research amid the COVID-19 crisis. The Platform recruits for clinical trials in North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and the EU.

The company said, “GeoMap has seen a surge in demand for clinical trial patient recruitment in China and South Korea, which is further indication that the region is recovering from the crisis. The international biotech community, which is facing trial delays in many parts of the world, is now looking at reactivating sites or opening studies in Asia as the COVID-19 crisis eases in the region.

“For all studies now it is important for patients to be screened online and then get to talk to a study coordinator about next steps, because there are many alternatives to clinic visits that are now being offered. Home visits, telemedicine, apps and wearables like smart watches are being rapidly introduced into the mix as sponsors innovate to keep studies running.”

The GeoMap Platform is a 3-step process:
1. Find the right patients online using advanced algorithms across country specific social and news media, as well as video and online search
2. Screen them using the Proprietary AI Patient Screener Funnel of more than 300+ possible questions
3. Connect them to sites via direct, secure encrypted email to the study coordinator/s for a phone call.

The GeoMap Platform is the fastest and most accurate targeting tool available that doesn’t require IRB/EC approval, and it can start recruiting in under 24 hours. The Platform has strict verification and email encryption so PHI is managed in accordance with state and country regulatory guidelines.

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About GeoMap

The GeoMap Clinical Platform is the world’s most advanced geo-location/targeting and AI platform powered by specialist algorithms that find and screen the right people living or working near sites. The Platform is a sophisticated location and health profile search service that sends only highly eligible people to their nearest site.

GeoMap has been designed to end pain points across the clinical trials sector saving time and money at every stage, while ensuring patient privacy and regulatory compliance. The GeoMap Clinical Platform is not a database builder. Patient ID is redacted instantly and the focus is instead on finding only motivated patients to support enrolment and retention. For a tour of the platform, visit:

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