Livingstone Health Unveils New Corporate Identity; Adds Cardiology and Family Medicine Capabilities

Singapore-based Livingstone Health (formerly known as Ardmore Medical Group) has unveiled a new corporate identity after adding new capabilities and specialists to position itself as a holistic ASEAN-focused healthcare services player with at least five specialisations.

Following an internal reorganisation and rebranding, Livingstone has added Cardiology as a fourth specialisation and Family Medicine as a fifth, after Orthopaedic Surgery, Pain Management and Anaesthesiology, and Aesthetics and Wellness.

Dr Wilson Tay, Chief Executive Officer of Livingstone, said: “The new corporate identity reflects a bigger team with a clearer value proposition, offering a suite of medical specialisations that will raise our profile and positioning as a provider of healthcare services for ASEAN, a region of rapid economic growth.”

Joining Dr Tay in executive leadership is Chief Business Officer Mr Dax Ng, Chief Operating Officer Dr Rachel Lim and Chief Medical Officer Dr Sebastian Chua.

The Cardiology practice, Livingstone Cardiology, is headed by Dr Ang Teck Kee, a Consultant and Interventional Cardiologist with more than 15 years of clinical experience. Livingstone Cardiology offers a comprehensive range of cardiac services from screening to treatment procedures. The clinic is located at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.

The fifth and latest healthcare discipline is Family Medicine, through a partnership between Livingstone and Phoenix Medical Group. The latter focuses mainly on primary healthcare such as chronic disease management and early prevention through its four clinics located across different parts of Singapore.

With the addition of Cardiology and Family Medicine, Livingstone’s roster has grown from five to 11 doctors, and from 30 to 50 staff.

As part of its new business strategy, Livingstone will also offer design and operations consultancy services to third-party healthcare service providers to set up and operate medical centres in emerging ASEAN countries. On 19 November 2019, Livingstone successfully launched an aesthetics and wellness clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – a joint-venture between Livingstone and Soriya Hospital, a leading healthcare provider in the country.

Dr Tay said, “We are pleased to welcome Phoenix Medical Group and all the new doctors to the Livingstone family. With the added expertise of Cardiology and Family Medicine, Livingstone is able to offer a more holistic service to our patients and also expand our footprint within Singapore and the larger Southeast Asia region.”

The ASEAN healthcare landscape has changed very significantly since the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis. While patients once came to Singapore for specialist care, local costs have risen at a time when medical specialisation has improved in some parts of ASEAN, which groups 10 countries in Southeast Asia.

“We want to bring the Livingstone brand and medical expertise to patients in ASEAN countries. We have started this process through a partnership in Cambodia to offer health screening and aesthetics and wellness services. In Vietnam we have tied up with a local hospital to offer pain management services,” said Dr Tay.

“We intend to build upon this track record to expand further across ASEAN. As we do so we also increase opportunities for doctors and specialists working under the Livingstone brand,” he added.

About Livingstone Health

Livingstone Health is a Singapore-based multidisciplinary healthcare group specialising in Cardiology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pain Management & Anaesthesiology, Aesthetics & Wellness, and Family Medicine.

The name “Livingstone” is derived from the succulent plant Lithops, which are often called “living stones”. Both a stone and a plant, living stones symbolise Livingstone Health’s resilience, growth and determination to be recognised as a trusted integrated healthcare provider for patients, as well as a centre of excellence of growth opportunities for medical professionals.

The Livingstone Health emblem is made up of a group of multi-coloured stones to represent its focus on multidisciplinary healthcare, while the trunk of the tree and its branches signify the vast and established network that connects these healthcare disciplines. For more information, please visit:

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