BitcoinBlink Launches Fast, Compliant and Regulated Crypto Exchange

BitcoinBlink, a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency platform optimized for speed, compliance and regulation, unlocks a new chapter in cryptocurrency trading with the opening of its cryptocurrency exchange. The BitcoinBlink exchange will be a game-changer for traders around the globe, as they execute orders without any worry of legal ramifications, and in the knowledge of full compliance with the possible worldwide regulatory requirements of the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Gibraltar and Luxemburg.

BitcoinBlink is a registered trademark launched by BBlinkio OU, registered in the historic European capital of Tallinn, Estonia (Reg 14718623) and granted permanent lisensce to operate compliantly within the European Union, FRK000807 (Virtual Currency) and FVR000913 (Crypto:Fiat Currency Exchange). The licenses are granted after a grueling process topped by an interview of the CEO by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Estonia. Maintaining full compliance with the ‘Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Prevention Act,’ is Mr. A. Kolchakov, the new BBlinkio OU Compliance Officer who brings vast knowledge and experience to BitcoinBlink. He will manage critical tasks which include audits, AML, CFT, KYC, Data privacy and more.

“The current cryptocurrency market makes it difficult, particularly for new participants. There is little or no transparency, and few people really know how it works. BitcoinBlink hopes to bridge these gaps. It is committed to providing a safe trading environment for its customers, and actively taking measures to help reduce risk and build trust. In the long term, this will help improve acceptance of cryptocurrencies as well,” says Iseki Solari, CEO and founder of BitcoinBlink.

The exchange, the first offering beneat the BitcoinBlink banner, is now available on the web at, with plans to extend services to Android and iOS platforms shortly. With convenience and ease of use paramount, the BitcoinBlink website features a clean and user-friendly UI, and is equipped with multiple layer state-of-the-art security protocols while allowing users to trade popular currencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH ABC).

Additional crypto will become available, subject to user demand and compatibility, with crypto:fiat exchange services to be deployed by partner Simplex, a financial solutions provider that offers a fraud-free medium to buy and sell crypto by using credit cards, allowing members of the BitcoinBlink exchange to convert funds seamlessly from fiat to crypto. This is in line with BitcoinBlink’s vision of promoting a regulated and compliant highway for cryptocurrency trading.

The coin representing our platform is known as Blink Stock Token (BSTK), created the 8th Feb 2019. It is a fully audited Ethereum-based ERC20 token limited to a maximum issuance of One Billion units. Traders on the BitcoinBlink exchange can freely use BSTK to access a variety of benefits and services including loyalty and referral programs, discounted transaction fees, monthly lottery, voting rights, investment plans and trading passes. The roadmap includes a secondary exchange where IEO (Initial Exchange Offer) projects will be listed and users purchase tokens using BSTK.

CEO Iseki Solari says “In the present cryptocurrency environment, customers are looking for options beyond trading, something that will provide them with a value-rich experience. We developed different offerings on the BitcoinBlink exchange with this in mind. We paid special attention to enhancing the utility value of the BSTK token by providing multiple use-cases. The combination of different factors will prove advantageous to the customer.”

BitcoinBlink aims to create a cryptocurrency ecosystem that revolves around services based on BSTK token via mergers, acquisitions, and creations. It is an evolving enterprise that will systematically integrate by vertical and horizontal expansion, keeping stakeholders informed with timely announcements at the BitcoinBlink website. You can also learn what has been accomplished, and what the roadmap holds in store at for the future of the exchange and its various offerings.

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