China to develop platform economy; Zall to further develop on uptrend

North Hankou International Trade Centre
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China to nurture commodity markets, develop platform economy. Zall will further develop its businesses on this uptrend.

HONG KONG – (ACN Newswire) – New businesses and new models are emerging with the wide application of modern information technology, including Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, in the field of circulation and production. The ‘platform economy’ is an example of circulation and production activity facilitated by platforms in the environment of big data. China will facilitate the development of a platform economy by fostering a batch of 100-billion-yuan commodity markets in 2020, according to the “Guideline” jointly released by the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) and 11 other departments.* The development of a platform economy will benefit the country with an upgrade of industry and consumption, serve the supply-side structural reform and promote the establishment of a strong domestic market. Zall Smart Commerce Group (2098.HK) will ride the country’s development of a platform economy and further develop its businesses.

Through the development of a platform economy, China aims to build a commodity circulation system that fits the modern economic system. The “Guideline” specifies the requirements for the development of platform economy, including encouraging commodity markets to adapt to the demand of the digital economy and promoting the connectivity of commodity markets in different sectors and regions. Preferential policies in land, development of credit system and financing services will be released to consolidate commodity markets for the development of platform economy, according to the “Guideline”.

The recent transformation and upgrading paths of Zall are highly compatible with the “Guideline”. The mega trading logistics and wholesale markets established by Zall encompass Wuhan and Tianjin as well as several other central regional cities. Total area of properties held by the company is over ten thousand square metres. The largest trading and logistics platform for consumer products in China named as North Hankou International Trade Centre, has operational area of 6.8 million square metres with 30,000 wholesalers, covering 30 major specialized markets, and generated an annual transaction amount of approximately 100-billion-yuan. The 3 million square metres Tianjin Zall E-commerce Mall serves to enhance the transfer and upgrade of mature wholesale markets in Beijing and Tianjin and will be built as a trading and logistics distribution centre in northern China. On the same time, Zall began in creating a China-wide offline trading and logistics network by establishing mega trade logistics centres in traffic hub cities covering the whole country.

Starting from 2015, Zall made use of the advantages generated from its existing offline physical commercial markets, ports and logistics services. Zall transformed and upgraded to become the operator of a leading global intelligent trade platform. The company has successively built and operates consumer goods, agricultural products, chemicals, plastics, steel, non-ferrous metals, seafood and other B2B transaction platforms, and has constantly integrated logistics, warehousing, finance, data wind control and other platform resources which provide value-added services to customers, with a transaction amount of approximately 600-billion-yuan. Zall is specialized in property and trading services for the supply chain in the wholesale market, and it is dedicated to providing customers with property, logistics, storage, financing, online trade and big data services for wholesale trade.

Based on the recent opportunities from a new round of scientific and technological evolution and industrial revolution, opportunities exist for Zall to develop a new generation of intelligent B2B transaction platform, creating an efficient, low-cost, open and win-win B2B ecological system. In the future, Zall will further transform and upgrade the commodity trade platform based in the intelligent commercial trade ecosphere, improve supply chain efficiency, and help manufacturers to grow and adopt advanced technologies which can truly achieve smooth trading and simplicity without boundaries.

*From Xinhua, “China to foster commodity markets, develop platform economy”, 01/03/2019.

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