Finding the right broker can be a tough for any trader. WikiFX, a platform for choosing brokers, went live in Shanghai with its International Platform on 13th February

SHANGHAI – (ACN Newswire) – Themed “WikiFX Attracts Global Attention with Data and Wisdom”, the forex industry’s grand summit kicked off in Shanghai, with WikiFX closing ranks on the best security brokers with important forex industry guests discussing the value of financial data and an international forex development strategy.

WikiFX, an innovative company providing toprate financial apps, released its international platform in Shanghai on February 13 2019 to help users remain on top of trends in the forex sector, avoid fraudulent brokerages, and solve the non-stop problems of all investors.

Finding the right forex broker is crucial for the newbie trader in order that he learn the proper techniques of trading and even ensure the safety of his money. This is where WikiFX stands tall as a platform for finding the best brokers. This platform has established an international version on the 13th of February in Shanghai.

One aim of this platform is to provide users with key information about brokers. They may receive data on correlated broker inquiries, credit reports for download, complaint and safeguard, broker monitoring, broker identification, credit assessment, risk evaluation, and other such details from this platform to help with their trading.

The business of WikiFX covers a wide range of broker ratings directly from regulators, local governments and overseas markets.Thus far the platform, while helping people in forex trading, has graded more than 5000 foreign exchange brokers. And this by gathering broker ratings from more than 100 nations and 40 regulators.

Moreover, the platform has gathered the qualifications of nearly 80% of brokers at the international level and nearly 120 national regulators. Essentially, the ratings given by WikiFX for brokers are recognized by securities investors and regulators across the world.

Following the international release of WikiFX on the 13th of February 2019, the App takes to an international platform. The excellent thing about this platform is that it’s available as the WikiFX App in Google Play and App Store.

Another aspect of this platform is its availability for private accounts, and users who have set preferred transactions themselves. They can search for credit assessments of brokers through this platform. As the platform is built with the technology of relying on self-developed and researched technology and real data, it quantitatively assesses the regulations of the broker.

In other words, as a platform to help traders, it has high credibility and influence. And the platform receives data on brokers from global Forex Regulators to ensure users safety.

The WiKiFX SYDNEY SUMMIT 2019, the grand forex event in Australia, will be held by WikiFX on 1st March 2019. Forex elites are invited to the event to share their Forex experiences while forex investors worldwide are welcome to it as well.

About WikiFX

WikiFX is a third-party service provider for clients to inquire whether a Forex broker is formal, legal and real. WikiFX provides an all round service including any Forex broker’s information, regulation, license, risk exposure, credit and valuation, platform verification and monitoring , complaints solving and investor rights protection, credit report download and related platform inquiry..

WikiFX was created not just to help traders, but also to provide an effective method for brokers to expand their market share. In addition to helping them to boost their business through the WikiFX Flagship store, this platform helps them to build brands. Also, investors get help from this platform to identify the strength of brands like cTrader. It also increases the default costs for fraudulent brokers. For more information, please visit

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