1.5 Trillion Reasons to Meet with Trillium Secure at CES 2019 to Explore Trusted Cybersecurity & Mobility Solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

LAS VEGAS, NV – (ACN Newswire) – Trillium Secure, Inc. (Trillium), the leader in secure data management, is offering a full-scale experience of the world’s most trusted mobility services platform at CES 2019, which takes place January 8 – 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Trillium’s Trusted Mobility Platform and Services are predicated on establishing two distinct elements of trust – security and data integrity beginning in the electronic control units (ECUs) within the vehicle where raw data is derived, and in the cloud where blockchain technology encapsulates and verifies data for machine learning processing and secure mobility commerce.

Trillium’s platform and trusted data services address the $1.5 trillion question of how to unify mobility-as-a-service providers, technologies like artificial intelligence, and the necessary qualities of security and data integrity, towards the cause of transforming transportation.

Trillium technology creates a level of digital trust second to none. At its very essence, the DNA of the platform provides trust, security and integrity so that data can deliver value without reservation. It is architected in such a way that every action taken is predicated on ensuring this mandate. By doing this, the company will truly make a fundamental contribution.

“The future of transportation rests upon multi-modal high speed mobility,” says Mahbubul Alam CMO and Sr. VP of Global Engineering at Trillium Secure. “We’ll have driverless cars, flying cars, human-carrying drones and more. In the next 3 years, many businesses will aggressively move into connected digital mobility services because this will be the consumption model for Gen Y and Z, who are quickly shifting from entitlement to the sharing economy.”

To learn more, visit Trillium’s booth at the show to gain an in-depth understanding of the platform and its transformative effect on the industry of connected and autonomous vehicles. Trillium’s booth location for the event is: Enterprise Solutions Hall, Westgate – Booth #501, Westgate Paradise Center.

Throughout CES 2019 show, the Trillium Secure booth will be featuring:

* End-to-End Trusted Data Platform Demonstrations

* Panels with Industry Executives & Experts
– Safety and Data Privacy
– Challenges for Mobility Data and Services
– Data is the New Currency
– Monetizing Trusted Fleet Services
– The Future of Auto Insurance

* Thought-Leadership & Car Hacking Seminars

Cyber Secured Vehicle – Drive Demonstrations
In addition, a fleet of Trillium-branded Teslas will be deployed in full force through Las Vegas, with the Model 3 squadron up and down “The Strip” while a Model X in the booth will feature every part of the Trillium Secure trusted data services platform.

About Trillium Secure, Inc.
Trillium Secure makes connected and autonomous vehicles safe and keeps personal information private through its Trusted Mobility Platform and Services powered by blockchain and AI. By establishing trust in data integrity, Trillium facilitates a marketplace for trusted data, applications and services, in addition to positioning customers for compliance with privacy regulations and protecting them from cyber-threats. Trillium accelerates innovation and monetization for OEMs, insurance and mobility-as-a-service providers.
For more information visit www.trilliumsecure.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

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